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Horizon Chase: World Tour Is A Retro Racing Game That Will Revive Your Nostalgia For Outrun And RoadBlasters (Without Eating All Your Quarters)

Isn't it interesting that now that we have the kind of graphical horsepower that our parents could only dream about while they were playing Pong and Adventure, we seem to be developing a serious case of nostalgia addiction. While high-end console and PC games are starting to look photorealistic, simpler fare like Minecraft and Crossy Road are earning enough money to make Solomon blush. Take Horizon Chase: it's about as simple as racing games come, but its charming graphics and straightforward setup are taking the mobile gaming world by storm.

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New Game REDDEN Lets You Play As A Magic Bullet In Stylish Silhouette

Remember that awesome credits sequence from Lord of War? Imagine that as an artsy 2D silhouette game, and you might get something close to Redden. This touch-based shooting title has mechanics that are incredibly simple, but the stylish presentation and unique take on the story make it worth a look if you want something different. Redden is $2.44 in the Play Store and has no advertising or in-app purchases, at least at launch.

Redden begins in a derelict junk shop, where an animate iPhone talks smack to some of the older inhabitants, Brave Little Toaster-style. The story progresses as various weapons - an arrow, a kunai throwing knife, and a bullet - tell tales from their own perspectives.

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HTC-Made Au Infobar A02 Set To Hit Japan In Mid-February, Marrying A Highly Stylized Android UI With Playful Hardware Design

Au's Infobar phone line has been around since 2001, always featuring plenty of color and hoping to bring innovative ideas to the smartphone world through eye-popping, unique design. Bringing another stylized entry to the lineup, Au has posted a brief dossier on the new Infobar A02, designed by Naoto Fukasawa and manufactured by HTC.

One of the device's main claims to fame is its apparent use of HTC's ImageSense chip, allowing for smooth burst capture. It's also waterproof and dustproof, and has plenty of specs to ogle. Among them are its 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 4.7" 720p display, 8MP camera, LTE support, and microSD slot.

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