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Spotlight Watch Face For The Moto 360 (Or Any Round Wear Watch) Is A Stylish And Simple Single-Hand Design

At least some of you are probably playing with a new Moto 360 right now, feverishly comparing battery results against reviews and spreadsheets. (Don't worry, our exhaustive review is coming soon.) If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path from the watch faces included by Motorola, developer Maize (it means corn!) has a unique option that works particularly well on round displays.

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Spotlight zooms in on a standard radial watch face, showing the minutes past the hour and about ten minutes to either side.

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Stylish Stealth Platformer CounterSpy Mixes Metroid And Metal Gear Solid In A Cold War Caricature

A shadowy figure stalks through a top secret missile facility while weapons-grade lounge music plays in the background. Nationalist propaganda lines the halls and the livery of gun-toting soldiers, ignored by our clandestine hero. He glides in, achieves his objective, and slips out, never intending any unnecessary harm... but not afraid to bust out the hardware or hand-to-hand skills if necessary. It sounds like the opening to a Connery-era Bond flick, but it also describes CounterSpy, a new PlayStation Vita port from developer Dynamighty and published by PlayStation Mobile.

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