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Sony Forms ForwardWorks, A First-Party Development Studio For Mobile Games

For all its flaws, mobile gaming is kind of a big deal. Even world-class gaming hardware and software companies like Sony would be ill-advised to ignore it. And they aren't: today Sony announced that it's forming a new first-party development company called ForwardWorks, which will work exclusively on game development for mobile. Presumably that means Android games (since Sony manufactures Android hardware and leverages it with its PlayStation brand) and iOS games (since it would be foolish to ignore that potential revenue).

ForwardWorks will be based out of Tokyo as a fully-owned Sony subsidiary. At the moment it isn't clear what the focus of the developer will be: mobile tie-ins to popular Sony franchises like Killzone, Infamous, Little Big Planet, and Uncharted are obvious picks, but there's plenty of money to be made in mobile-only franchises as well if developers can score a win with the first title.

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BLU Announces The Studio 5.0, Studio 5.0 S, and Studio 5.3 S: Jelly Bean, Big Screens, And Small Prices

BLU isn't yet a household name in the realm of smartphones, but the company has been quietly releasing hardware for the last few years, letting the remarkably low pricing do the talking. Today they've pulled the cover off of three new models, all aimed at the new "phablet" craze, or at least the lower end of it. The new Studio GSM smartphones start at 5 inches and just $149, and all three feature Android 4.1, the Google Play Store, and dual SIM slots. Specs are low, but these phones look like ideal budget devices or travel companions.


The Studio 5.0 is the cheapest of the lot, at $149 unsubsidized.

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Roundup: Our Top Six Favorite New Apps From April 2013

Readers probably don't need to be reminded that each month, we distill all of the Play Store's latest entries into a selection of the very best apps of the previous month, hand-picking a shortlist to save you both time and money in testing everything out. This month, though, there were just too many worthy apps to cut down to the usual five, so we've got a slightly-less-short list of the best six apps from April 2013. If you're looking for something to spice up your device, you can't go wrong with any of the below selections.

FL Studio Mobile

First up is FL Studio Mobile.

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Going Indie: The Story Of Independent Android Game Development From Concept To Completion

One of the great things about Android's ecosystem is the number of indie developers who are able to enter the market successfully, providing a great product and inspiring would-be developers to join in. For many though, Android development in general is a mysterious topic. How an app or game goes from an idea to an entry in the Play Store is unknown, but (thankfully) not unknowable.

Of course, considering how major development studios bring apps to life doesn't require too much thought – major companies like EA, Disney, or Rockstar have no problem hiring designers and developers to crank out and maintain polished apps.

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Android Asset Studio Gets A Major Update – New UI, Device Frames, Clipart, And More

Bringing some exciting news to the Android design world today, Roman Nurik announced via Google+ that the acclaimed Android Asset Studio received a major update.

First off, the whole site has received a new layout/UI inspired by ICS and its holo themes. Next, the much-beloved Device Frame Generator (which has been making app screenshots gorgeous since last October) got a huge update. The generator now allows users to create beautifully framed images featuring Samsung's Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, and Google's own Nexus 7 tablet. Further, users can choose whether the resulting image will have a shadow and/or screen glare (or appear rotated) before saving the finished product.

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Double Fine Adventure's Next "Classic Point-And-Click Adventure" Game Is Headed For Android

You may remember that a few days ago, Double Fine Adventure (the studio behind Psychonauts and Day of the Tentacle) did the impossible, far exceeding their project's $400,000 goal on Kickstarter in just over eight hours (the project has raised over $1 Million with 26 days to go). Initially, Double Fine planned to invest extra proceeds in developing the studio's latest game for other platforms, with iOS and Mac being priorities.

Tim Schafer, Double Fine's founder and an industry veteran, posted an update to the Kickstarter page today, announcing that the game will have support not only for Android, but for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

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