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Hands-On With The Blu Studio Energy 2 And Energy X: All Day (And More) Battery Life On A Budget

There's an interesting line drawn in the sand between smartphone users and smartphone makers: for the longest time, many companies thought users wanted the thinnest, lightest phones on the planet (and for a time, I think they may have actually been right). But now, that's not how it is. Users don't care how thin their phone is most of the time — they just want it to last all damn day. All-day longevity translates in one way when it comes to form factor: thicker and heavier. That's basically the opposite direction the industry was heading up until recently, and now we're finally starting to see large batteries show up in phones.

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Blu Announces Two New Phones In The Energy Series: The 5,000mAh Studio Energy 2 And 4,000mAh Energy X


Blu isn't really known for slowing down when it comes to announcing new phones, and the company is keeping the pace we've all come to expect with the arrival of two new phones in the Energy line: the Studio Energy 2 and Energy X.


The Studio Energy 2, like its name suggests, is the successor to the original Studio Energy, which hit the scene back in February of this year. The new model features the same 5,000mAh battery, but most of the other specs have been improved: 5-inch 720p panel protected by Gorilla Glass 3, 1.3GHz Mediatek 6735 Quad-Core processor, 1.5GB RAM, 16GB storage, microSD card slot, and Android 5.0.

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[Update: Deal Is Back] BLU Studio Energy 2, With A 5000mAh Battery, Is $130 On Amazon ($50 Off Retail)

If battery life is the most important factor of a new phone purchase, there's probably no better bang for the buck than the BLU Studio Energy 2, even at its normal price. Cameron gave it a decent recommendation in his hands-on post a couple of months ago. Shoppers who are in the market for a mid-range phone that lasts more or less forever can pick it up from Amazon with a significant discount. The phone's price dropped by $50, bringing the total down to an impressive $129.99.

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