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Google Pay gets initial student ID support, starting with 15 colleges and universities

Transact's main business is switching schools to NFC-based ID cards for students and faculty, with several major universities enrolled in the program. While ID cards from Transact-partnered schools can already be added to Apple's Wallet app, Google Pay didn't support them — until now.

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Google rolling out student pricing for YouTube Premium and Music Premium

Google is in the midst of transforming its music and video subscription services under the YouTube name, and that includes some small pricing changes. Students can get a deal, though. Google is reportedly announcing student-only pricing for YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium today. Both options shave several bucks off the monthly price, and it's even cheaper if you act fast.

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Instagram debuts customizable user 'nametags' and school communities

Instagram has announced a couple of new features aimed at connecting more users. The first, which the company is calling nametags, are customizable card-like graphics that function like QR codes; scanning a user's nametag from inside the Instagram app will take you to their profile. The other is a directory that sorts users based on their college, letting people connect more easily with classmates.

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Google Classroom redesigned with new Classwork page for better organization of assignments

When Google launched Classroom so that teachers and students would have a repository for the work they were doing, the goal was to create something as simple as possible. The app has proved popular, but Google has just announced a refresh that adds some much-needed functionality.

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US college students can now get Spotify and Hulu for $4.99 per month

Another school year is about to kick off, and Spotify has a new promotion to save college students some money. Eligible individuals can now get Spotify Premium for just $4.99 per month, and they'll throw in a Hulu subscription. Yep, both services for five bucks. If you already have the Spotify student deal, you get Hulu automatically. It's hard to argue with that.

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LinkedIn Tries To Get College Kids Hooked Early With The LinkedIn Students App

College students: don't sign up for LinkedIn. Please. It's easily the worst social network on the block, career-focused structure notwithstanding. LinkedIn is the 21st century version of the Columbia House Record Club... not that any of you are old enough to remember it. However, at some point you might find that you're forced to create a profile and start playing the most boring MMO on the planet. If you've resigned yourself to such a fate, then I suppose LinkedIn Students isn't such a terrible place to start.

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Google Classroom App Upgraded To v2.0 With New Notification Center, Video Sharing, And Several Teacher-Focused Features

Google Classroom for Android debuted just over a year ago as part of the free suite of software provided by Google for schools. The app, just like its browser-based counterpart, is a centralized place where students can access handouts, assignments, and news from all of their classes. On the instructor side, all of those same elements can be managed in addition to the convenience of teachers having the ability to work with all their classes at once. The app is now getting the v2.0 upgrade with a series of less-than-groundbreaking improvements.

There don't seem to be any big interface changes, but the app debuted with a nice material look.

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Google Play For Education-Powered Android Tablets Are Now Available To UK Schools

Through the Google Play for Education platform, Google has brought Android tablets to schools throughout parts of the US, along with the apps teachers require to put the hardware to use in their classrooms. Now the search giant is expanding the offering to the UK, including software that caters to the country's curriculum.

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[New App] Drawp For School Comes To Android So Teachers And Students Can Collaborate Creatively

Developer Moondrop Apps has brought Drawp for School to Android, a collaborative creation tool that gives teachers the means of producing content and sharing it with their students. Considering the amount of time they spend both distributing and collecting assignments from their pupils, this is a clear itch for tech to scratch. Drawp can cut down on the time lost to the process and add in that extra bit of pizzazz.

Drawp serves as an all-in-one solution that deals with both ends of the experience. Teachers can fire up the app to create projects, use the provided cloud storage (or the Google Drive/Dropbox integration) to save them, and then tap a button to send them out.

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[Deal Alert] Best Buy And Sprint Now Offering Students Free Talk, Text, And Data For 12 Months

Here's a deal that's about to save some of you much more than twenty bucks. Best Buy and Sprint have come together to offer students activating a new line an entire year of free talk, text, and data. You still have to pay for the phone itself and all applicable monthly taxes, but in the grand scheme of things, that's a small price when you're looking at potentially over $800 in savings. The plan is available now and will last until January 4th.


To make things even better, this deal isn't limited to college students. In one of the few cases where reading the small print reveals good news, Sprint will also offer service to any US-based active student currently enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school.

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