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Google Street View Takes A Camera On A Journey Through The Philippines

Here in the States, we largely take Street View for granted. Sure, Google hasn't sent cameras down our large web of rural roads, but it has covered the bulk of our cities and large towns.

These days, the search giant is making its way to other parts of the globe. Not too long ago it took pictures you can only find deep in the Amazon or in a kayak around Malaysia. Now it's showing off the footage it got from carrying a camera through the many streets and diverse environments of the Philippines.

This means you can pick up Google's little orange avatar guy and drop him onto the many roads of Manila, the country's capital.

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Google Street View Becomes A Full App In v2.0 With Support For Spherical Cameras, Photosphere Sharing, And More [APK Download]

Google Street View has always been a part of Google Maps on Android, even though it was technically a separate APK. Everything is changing today with the big v2.0 Street View update. For the first time ever, Street View is a standalone app in your app drawer with its own distinct functionality. There's a lot to sort through here, so let's dig in.

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Google Kayaks Around Malaysia For Google Maps Street View Photos


Maps v9.13 Rolls Out With Street View Thumbnails And A Shortcut To Add Businesses, Likely To Integrate India's Transit System Soon [APK Teardown + Download]

If you felt like Google clubbed you over the head with tons of announcements and releases last week, you're not alone. Between giving out the codename for Android M, a new preview release, an Android Wear update, and about a dozen other things, it was a huge week. Toward the end of the onslaught, a fairly innocuous update to Google Maps bumped the version up to 9.13 and it has a couple of useful shortcuts that deserve a look. There's also a new Google app, but it's not in the Play Store, and that deserves a Teardown-style discussion of its own.

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[Watch Out For That Tree!] Google Maps Street View Rides A Zip Line Through The Amazon Rainforest

Google Maps lets you take a look at cities and landmarks from all over the world, but its Street View feature primarily allows you to take a virtual walk along roads and sidewalks. Yet that hasn't stopped Google from using it to show off the world's natural beauties and majestic man-made monuments alike. Without leaving your seat, you can view the Pyramids of Giza, and the beautifully cold parts of Greenland. Now Google will let you experience what it's like to ride a zip line through the Amazon rainforest.

These images show what happens when you strap a Trekker to a zip line. They were collected in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation through the Google's Trekker Loan Program (which is much cooler than renting a car).

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Google Maps Street View Takes A 360-Degree Look At Greenland's Ice, Ruins, And Landmarks

Greenland is a beautiful country situated at the top of North America but culturally associated with Europe. Now after working with Visit Greenland and Asiaq, Google is ready to share some of the island's treasures with more of the world though Street View.

You're able to take a 360-degree look at a number of the country's prominent tourist attractions, the most popular of which is the Ilulissat icefjord, a wall of ice the likes of which you just can't find in most parts of the world. You can also see the statue of Hans Edede overlooking the nearby town of Nuuk, the best preserved Norse ruins in the country, and the first church in the New World.

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Google Maps Has A Cardboard-Compatible Trick Up Its Sleeve

Yesterday, Google Cardboard revealed that Maps has a pretty awesome easter egg hidden in plain sight - users can take a look at streetview through Cardboard with a simple tap.

As the gif below explains, users need only double-tap the "look around" FAB in streetview to trigger a stereoscopic view of the location they've looked up.

Slide your phone into a Cardboard viewer, and you can "see the sights" just like you were there (as long as you've got a fast connection, anyway).

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Google Street View Now Available At The Pyramids Of Giza, Camels Included At No Extra Charge

Dear Egyptian readers: yes, we know you're out there. We're sorry to report that Google Street View still isn't available for the vast majority of your country. And while you'd surely prefer Street View in Cairo or Alexandria for the sake of convenience, at least Google has made a small stop in Egypt... at the place where all the other Americans go first, the Giza Necropolis. Street View is now available in and around the pyramid complex.

Google has taken its trademark Street View rigs around the Great Pyramid, the Pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure, the Great Sphinx, and the various smaller pyramids, tombs, and monuments that still stand in the area.

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Destiny Planet View Lets You Find Wizards On The Moon In A Google Street View Interface

If you're even remotely interested in high-end gaming, you've probably heard of Destiny, also known as "that shooting MMO game that's kinda like Halo from the people who made Halo." The marketing team for Destiny has decided to team up with Google to create an interesting way for excited players (or prospective players) to check out the environments of the game. It's called Destiny Planet View, and it blasts the Google Street View interface into the solar system for a look at some fictional alien worlds.

The moon, Mars, and Venus are all populated with pre-rendered environments from Destiny laid out in Street View's signature style.

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Google Maps Street View Continues Asia Expansion With New Images Of Cambodia And Indonesia

Google has a relatively easy time mapping out the US, but things get trickier the further overseas it explores. Each international border brings about its own set of laws and organizations that the tech giant must accommodate. When Google began working with Indonesia's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy a couple years ago to map out much of the large country of over 200 million, it was undertaking its largest Asian expansion to date. Now the company is sharing the fruits of their labor, along with shots of its progress in Cambodia.

Google Maps users can now take a virtual stroll along the streets of Jakarta, Surabaya, and other Indonesian cities.

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