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Google Updates Street View With Enhanced Photo Sphere Features And Support For KitKat Devices

Update Wednesday has been and gone, but we'll let it pass, as an app that doesn't get all that much attention has been updated! v2.12 of Google Street View is rolling out now, with some new Photo Sphere features and other improvements.

Photo Spheres are now automatically grouped, and connections can be created between them. Your own photo spheres can be multiple selected by long tapping, which is helpful, and the app works in landscape now. Curiously, Google has also added support for KitKat, but when you look at the latest distribution numbers and see that almost a third of Android users still use 4.4, it starts to make more sense.

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Google Adds More Than 150 Historic Locations And Points Of Interest From Thailand To Street View

Google is constantly beefing up its library of Street View imagery, but rarely does that warrant a blog post. Not so with a new batch of locations form Thailand. Google has uploaded more than 150 locations from Thailand, including the most beautiful historical sites in the country.

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You Can Check Out The Amazingly Detailed New Batcave In Street View And In 3D With Cardboard

You might have heard about that new Batman vs. Superman movie over the weekend. The word is that it's not very good, but the new Batcave designed for the film is really impressive. You can now explore Batman's lair in Google Maps Street View, and in 3D with Google Cardboard.

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Street View Now Shows You The Inside Of Sports Arenas And Stadiums

Browsing streets may be one of the more mundane things you can do with Street View. Google's service lets you visit exotic destinations all over the world, even going so far as to let you ride a zip line through the Amazon. Now you can fire up Maps to get a good look at the inside of your favorite sports stadiums.

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The Latest Street View Update Offers Notifications For New Collections, An Updated Interface, And Better Integration With Spherical Cameras [APK Download]

Street View is a fun digital tool for exploring the huge world we live on. An update to version began rolling out earlier this week, and in addition to bringing far too many digits, it also has a few new features, a few visual tweaks, and improved support for spherical cameras. It looks like this one is rolling out pretty fast, but if you're in need of a download link, it's at the bottom of the post.

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[Go Small Or Go Home] Google Street View Tours The World's Largest Model Railway 'Miniatur Wunderland'

Google Street View has been on many expeditions through time and through our planet, from the Amazon to Greenland, from the Philippines to Jordan to Machu Picchu, but no mission has been as cute as this exploration of the world's largest model railway in Hamburg, Miniatur Wunderland.

It's an exhibit of a tiny world with tiny buildings, 13000 meters of tiny tracks and tiny things with more than 200000 tiny citizens doing what they do. Everything is interactive, the lights change with the day, the trains move, the planes lift off, the fair rides turn, the people dance and bike, and the nature and surroundings are as much of an honest replica as they can be of the real thing.

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[Why Go Anywhere] Machu Picchu Gets The Street View Treatment In Google Maps, Llamas Not Included

As a former student of archaeology, Machu Picchu is a place that has always fascinated me. As someone direly afraid of heights, Machu Picchu is a place I will almost certainly never go, barring the invention of personal air transport. As such, today I was quite pleased to learn that Google's globetrotting street view team has mapped the ancient city-temple-palace-agrarian-center with a backpack of many, many cameras.

Machu Picchu sits nearly 8000 feet above sea level, and its real purpose still largely eludes archaeologists and ancient historians to this day. While it's clear it housed royalty and peasants alike, was used for religious purposes, commerce, and extensive agriculture, exactly why it made sense to the Inca to build what essentially amounted to a mountaintop city remains unclear.

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Newest Google Street View v2.0 Adds Importing, Expanded Support For Spherical Cameras, And Bulk Actions

Google Street View hit 2.0 back in September, and everyone who captures, uploads, and manages photo spheres cheered in unison. Performing any of these actions became easier after the app separated from Google Maps, but there is always room for improvement. Today, Google released a new version that adds a few features that will make life a little easier for doing certain things.

Official Changelog
• Import photo spheres from your device
• Expanded support for linked spherical cameras
• Bulk actions

Importing photo spheres has been on my wish list since the app was first launched. In the past, I have taken photo spheres using the Google Camera, which were stuck outside of Street View.

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Google Buys Panorama-Making Company Digisfera—Discontinues PanoTag And Plans To Open Source Marzipano

I don't know about you, but sometimes Google Street View still blows my mind. Living in 2015, we have the ability to take out our phones and experience what it's like to walk the streets of a distant city. From my browser I've had views of Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia that I will likely never have in person.

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Latest Street View v2.0 Adds Google Cardboard Support To Use With All Of Those Awesome Photospheres

Google Street View launched as a true standalone app just last month, becoming something of a shared gallery for the world's most awesome locales. People can easily look through and contribute to a vast selection of great photographs and photospheres from around the globe. But if you were looking for the truly immersive experience, the app was still somewhat lacking. That is, until now. The latest update adds Google Cardboard support, so everybody can take a trip without leaving their home.

2015-10-07 10.35.052015-10-07 10.34.37

To switch modes, just tap on the new Cardboard icon in the top-right corner of the screen on any 360-degree photo.

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