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The New JustWatch Android App Lets You See Which TV Shows And Movies Are Streaming Where

Don't think I'll find where a show is available online? Just watch me. There's an app or two for that, and now that JustWatch has brought its search engine to Android and iOS, there's another one. And it's capable of searching through Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, HBO Now, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Play Movies, PlayStation, Showtime, Vudu, Xbox, and a couple other online streaming services.

JustWatch1 JustWatch2 JustWatch3

JustWatch's grid layout looks like those of the services it interacts with, and it feels like a natural companion, like the modern-day equivalent of a TV guide. You can create a watchlist without having to create an account or provide any credentials.

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Live Screen Streaming App From Sony Streams Your Screen Live To Twitch And YouTube, But It Only Works With Z4 Generation [Updated]

Hey you! Yes, you, with the 60-hour-a-week League of Legends habit and the inordinately expensive microphone setup! Do you aspire to make seven million dollars a year, but lack the apparent "talent" and "charm" of the Twitch streaming giants?

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Official Tour De France 2015 App (For US) Is Here, $20 Buys You Live Streams And Other Access

People have been hopping on bikes and racing around France for over a century. Okay, they may have been doing it for even longer, but this year marks the 102nd time they will call it the Tour de France. If you live in the US and want to stream the action on your Android device, NBC has released an official app into the Play Store just for you.

NBC says its mobile app will provide live video coverage from every stage and full replays. There's a map you can use to track the action, or you can just use the app to track results if you don't have time.

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FXNOW, FOXNOW, And HGTV Watch Also Add Chromecast Support

CBS isn't the only network streaming app that's new to the Chromecast scene today. FXNOW, FOXNOW, and HGTV Watch are also ready to stream their content from an Android device to your TV.

Before downloading the apps make sure you know your cable subscriber login information as you will need it if you want access to most of the apps streaming contents. Viewing anything besides a couple of clips and previews on FXNOW and HGTV Watch will require you to verify your cable TV subscription first. FOXNOW also reserves viewing privileges for most of its series for paying customers, but the app does allow users to watch recent episodes of a few select shows, including Empire, Gotham, and The Last Man on Earth, without logging in.

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Comcast Releases Xfinity Share, Offering A Way To Stream Live Video From Your Phone To A TV

Comcast has had a rough couple of weeks with the implosion of the Time Warner merger. Maybe releasing a new feature will help it move past the disappointment? Xfinity Share is a tool that lets you stream pictures and video to a cable box, either yours or someone else's. This is part of the Xfinity X1 platform, so both you and the owner of the target box need to be subscribers.


Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Exits Its Invite-Only Burrow, Sticks Its Head Out Onto Google Play As A Public Beta

Meerkat integrates with your Twitter account to let you stream live video to the world (or at least anyone who clicks on your feed). If you've been waiting to play around with the service, or this idea just sounds invigorating to you, Meerkat is now exiting its invite-only beta and opening itself up to everyone on Google Play.

I hopped into the app long enough to watch a truck driver talk about his route and what he's hauling, see some guy chat really quickly in front of a computer, and start my own brief stream of a Chromebook sitting atop a desk.

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Meerkat Live Video Streaming App Now Available On Android As An Invite-Only Beta

Have you been eagerly waiting to try the Meerkat live video streaming service, which launched as an iOS exclusive? Well you're probably going to have to wait a little longer. Meerkat is now available on Android, but only as a beta. And not a "come on in, the water's fine" Play Store beta, it's an invite-only beta being run from a Google Docs page. Invitations don't seem to be going out widely yet. We don't even have screenshots to show you. See, look down there. No screenshots anywhere.



If you're wondering what Meerkat is, it's basically a fusion of Twitter-based video apps like Vine with live-streaming mobile video.

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Twitch For Android Updated With Windowed Video Player And Audio-Only Streaming Option

Playing video games is for losers, apparently - these days all the cool kids watch other people play video games. Twitch, the platform of choice for your non-video game-playing needs, has updated its Android client with a few handy features in version 3.2. Both of them come straight out of YouTube's bag of tricks, but that's OK - every video player should let you do this stuff.

2015-03-31 21.45.49-1

The first thing you'll notice is that Twitch now has a pop-out mini-player that lets you browse for a new stream while watching your current one. Press the channel button in the top left-hand corner of the fullsreen video to go back one step, where said video will minimize into a ribbon at the bottom of the screen.

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Adult Swim's Streaming Video App Gets An Overdue Overhaul With A New UI And Live TV Streaming

Far be it from me to tell gigantic companies like Turner Broadcasting or Time Warner what to do with their Android apps. But when the last version of your official streaming app has what look like Froyo screenshots on the Play Store (from back when it wasn't even the Play Store), it might be time for an update. Adult Swim, the allegedly grown-up portion of Cartoon Network's programming block, now has a much more modern app for fans to watch new shows and back episodes.

unnamed unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

As before, the new version of the Adult Swim app lets you watch full episodes of all the current programs, including the usually funny cartoons and usually terrible live-action shows.

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Netflix Lays Out A Vision For The Future In Which They Don't Have All The Content, Just The Best Content

In a document posted to their corporate website, Netflix sought to describe their long-term plans. The piece reads like a fascinating mixture of investor relations propaganda and fantasy or media theory. While it touches on all kinds of different aspects of their business and the changing environment it exists in, perhaps the most intriguing part has to do with how they are describing their ideal content catalog.

We don’t and can’t compete on breadth of entertainment with Comcast, Sky, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, or Google.  For us to be hugely successful we have to be a focused passion brand.  Starbucks, not 7-Eleven.  Southwest, not United.  HBO, not Dish.

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