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Hulu Shows Off Its Fancy New Auto-Generated Watch List For Movies And TV Shows

A list of things that you’d like to watch in the future isn’t exactly breaking new ground for streaming video services – hell, Netflix was doing that back when they were just a mail-order DVD rental company. But the software engineers at Hulu think they’ve significantly improved on the idea with the new Watch List (capital W), which is apparently cool enough to warrant both an intro video and a press release.

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[APK Download] YouTube Music Version 1.16 Adds A 'More From...' Button To The Watch Page And A Wi-Fi Only Streaming Video Option

YouTube Music, the app built specifically for the YouTube Red music subscription service, is still somewhat in its infancy. There's plenty of room for improvement, and version 1.16 adds a couple of small but notable changes to better the listening experience. First, the standard Watch page (the one with the actual video on it) now has a "More from..." button, with the ellipses replaced with the relevant artist for each video. It allows users to find more music from that specific artist. Makes sense. To see the button you may need to expand the viewer in portrait mode.

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Barnes & Noble To Shut Down Its Nook App And Video Stores, But Will Continue Selling eBooks In The US

Well you can't say they didn't give it a good try. After years of attempting to break into the lucrative tablet market with its own semi-exclusive platform, US bookseller Barnes & Noble plans to halt digital sales on its app and video stores. Diginomica reports that the company will stop sales on March 15th (Tuesday), and that customers who've bought content from either location have until then to download their apps and videos one last time. Connecting Nook Video content to accounts for either Disney Movies Anywhere or CinemaNow will allow customers to retain streaming and download rights on other platforms.

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AT&T And DirecTV Will Offer Streaming Video Subscriptions, Including Mobile-Only Options For All Carriers, Later This Year

The writing isn't quite on the wall for traditional cable and satellite television - not so long as companies like Comcast can manipulate the market with artificial monopolies and data caps, anyway - but things are definitely looking up for cord-cutters. The latest fruit of the union between American telecom AT&T and satellite TV giant DirecTV is a series of TV packages that don't require, well, TV packages. These data-only streaming options will become available some time in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to an AT&T press release.

Said packages will come in three flavors. First, DirecTV Now, an all-digital streaming TV service that will offer "much of what is available from DirecTV today," including on-demand programming and premium networks.

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The Official NBC Android App Now Supports Chromecast Video Streaming

The adoption of Chromecast as a de facto streaming standard was rapid, helped in no small part by the fact that it was the cheapest streaming gadget on the market which was immediately compatible with both major mobile phone systems. But not everyone leaps to support new tech, and old media giants like the National Broadcasting Company have never been accused of being nimble. So it took NBC the better part of three years to support Google's streaming standard, so what - it's not like they're a multi-million dollar entertainment company backed by an international supercorp.

Oh wait, they are.

The Chromecast support in NBC's official network app doesn't come with any other notable changes, though video streaming appears to work with all of the live and pre-recorded video within.

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[Net Neutrality Who?] Verizon's Go90 Video Service Now Exempt From Mobile Data Caps

Verizon launched its go90 video streaming app in October of last year, and no one really paid attention. Even Verizon customers who had the app foisted upon them could care less, but now Verizon is pulling out the big guns. Go90 is now part of the carrier's FreeBee sponsored data program, so using it won't count against your plan.

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Spotify To Add Streaming Video To Android App This Week

We usually refer to Spotify as a streaming music provider, but the terminology will have to change this week. According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is set to add video content to the Android app in a few days, followed by iOS late next week. This was first announced in May of 2015, but the launch was pushed back as the company tested and gathered feedback.

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The CBS Sports App Gets Updated To Stream The AFC Championship Game And The Super Bowl, But Only On Tablets

If you're a good little brow-beaten NFL fan like me, then watching all of the playoff games is a penance. Each of the major networks gets its own game every weekend, and they're all desperately trying to avoid the moment when they're contractually obligated to tell you about the games on the other channels. And in the case of CBS, they mention the fact that they have both the Super Bowl and the Grammy's every twenty seconds, because apparently they think the same people who will watch a bloated, drawn-out spectacle full of egos and corporate sponsorship will also watch a music awards show.

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Netflix Will Block Proxies That Let Users Access Movies And TV Shows Not Available In Their Home Countries

Netflix is one of those American services that people in other countries are intensely jealous of if they can't get it. And with such a wide variety of TV shows (and at least a few dozen movies, too) for a few bucks a month, who could blame them? But now that Netlfix has expanded to literally hundreds of new countries and territories, there's no need to look longingly at the US anymore... or to use any of the elaborate web proxy workarounds to get access to the service outside of supported areas.

Now that Netflix has made its big international push, they're working on cutting down on that proxy use.

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Netflix App Update 4.0 Adds A Homescreen Widget, For Some Reason [APK Download]

Have you ever been so excited to watch Netflix's collection of movies, shows, and original content that you simply couldn't wait to get into the app itself before you start to browse? Apparently someone on the development team thinks so, because the latest version of the Android app (posted to APK Mirror earlier this evening) includes a homescreen widget. It's similar to the Play Store widgets, in that its only real purpose is to highlight some of the content on the service.

The widget is 5x5 in its unmodified state, though it reformats its triple-pane display with surprising grace as you enlarge or shrink it with your launcher's resizing tools.

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