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(Update: Now available w/ APK) Hulu will soon let Android users download content offline

Most streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, allow you to download episodes and movies on your mobile devices so you have something to watch on the go. Hulu historically never allowed you to do this, but times they are a-changin'. The platform is bringing downloads to iOS users on the No Ads plan, and a solution for us Android fans is in the works, too.

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Epix Now streaming service now available on Android TV


T-Mobile's future video streaming services will include content from Viacom


Amazon reportedly planning free, ad-supported video service for Fire TV

Amazon is cooking up a new streaming video service exclusively for its Fire TV devices, according to a report from The Information. The app, tentatively called Free Dive, won't cost a subscription fee, instead generating revenue for Amazon by showing viewers targeted advertisements.

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Google Play Store shows you the streaming apps that have the movie or show you're searching for

It used to be that the TV show you wanted to watch was on one of a few cable channels and the movies were available as physical rentals from your neighborhood video store. Nowadays, with streaming services popping left and right, you hear about a new show and have no idea where to watch it. Is it on Hulu? Or HBO? Or Amazon Prime? Or the network's own service only? Google took a step to alleviate that in March when it started displaying the streaming services any show or movie is available on after you search for them in Google Play Movies.

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