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Rdio Music Adds 500 Local Terrestrial Radio Streams From Partner Cumulus Media

Online streaming music is all well and good, but if you're hankering for the good old days of sliding FM dials, Rdio wants to oblige your craving. The long-standing streaming service is adding a new section to its app called "On the Air on Rdio," which gives users access to digital streams of 500 United States radio stations. The collection of stations covers basically every major market in the county, usually with a mix of top 40, classic rock, country, sports, and news content.

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Google Now Offers Free Ad-Supported Play Music Radio Streaming In The US

Google isn't taking the arrival of Apple Music lightly, it would seem. The company just announced a new free tier of Play Music in the US that provides access to ad-supported streaming radio. It looks to have all the same restrictions as other free streaming services, but you can't argue with the price.

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Pandora App Updated To Version 5.8 With Google Now Card Support And A Few Bug Fixes

Oh Pandora, how I wish I could quit you. I pay the folks at Google Music for their services, and I know they work hard. They even include music controls in the notification bar and the lockscreen, which you seem to take absolute joy in withholding from me. But on a roadtrip or an exercise session, I always come back to you - years of curated music stations are hard to let go.

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1.FM Online Radio Adds Chromecast Support

Thanks to the fairly recent release of Google's Chromecast SDK, more and more apps are starting to add support for the extremely useful HDMI dongle. XBCM Remote application Yatse recently saw a Chromecast supporting update, and now Swiss based online radio 1.FM has also added support for streaming to Chromecast devices.

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For those who may not be aware, 1.FM is an online radio broadcasting network that offers "a variety of internet radio channels covering various music genres, time period and styles." It's also free, which is always a plus.

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doubleTwist Gets Into The Streaming Radio Game, Adds 'Magic Radio' To Its Player

Streaming internet radio is far from a new concept, but if you're a doubleTwist user who longs to journey outside the realm of your personal collection, it has previously required the use of another service, like Pandora or Spotify. If, like me, it's your druthers to unify everything, today brings about some good news: doubleTwist now has its own built-in streaming radio.


Dubbed Magic Radio, the service takes your existing collection and essentially builds off of it to give you more music that you love.

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