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AT&T is rolling out Stream Saver feature, but you can easily turn it off

Back in November of last year, AT&T announced a new feature called 'Stream Saver.' This would force streaming videos to be limited to around 480p - but still count towards your data usage. AT&T made it clear that the feature would be enabled by default when it arrived in "early 2017," and now it appears to be rolling out to customers.

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AT&T announces Stream Saver, caps streaming video at 480p but still counts usage against your plan

T-Mobile's Binge On program has become extremely popular, despite its disadvantages. If you're not familiar, Binge On doesn't charge you for data used by certain video and audio streaming sites, but with video quality capped to about 480p. AT&T today announced Stream Saver, which sounds like the company's response to Binge On.

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