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Leviathan: Warships Review – You Wouldn't Buy A Speedboat With A Hole In It, Right?

The seas are a dangerous place, lads. The Marauders are thick amongst the waves, and you are but an inexperienced young commander, seeking to make a name at the helm of your fleet. Your ships are heavily armed, but it's going to take more than firepower to stay afloat in Leviathan: Warships. This game is heavy on strategy, long-term planning, and attention to detail. As good as some aspects of this game are, the controls threaten to sink it before we even get out of dry dock.

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Ship Just Got Real: Leviathan Warships Hits The Play Store, Available For Most Tablets

About three weeks ago, Paradox Interactive released what could possibly be one of the best game trailers we've ever seen. It was for its then-upcoming game Leviathan Warships, and was chock-full of more ship puns than you can shake a stick at.

In fact, it was so good they decided to release a second trailer, with even more puns.

If you've had enough puns (I'm kidding – there's no such things as too many puns) and are ready to actually play the game, it's now available in the Play Store.

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[New Game] Planets Defense Lands On The Play Store, Reminds You Of How Much We Want StarCraft

There is no denying that real-time strategy games are a hard nut to crack on mobile devices. It's tough to fit all of the intricate play mechanics, complicated strategy, and extensive storyline into a touchscreen. Planets Defense does a great job of making the controls work for high-speed gameplay and micro-management, but it still isn't quite a fully realized strategy experience. All things considered, it's still lot of fun and one of the best efforts I've seen.

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Dynamite Jack Review: So Good I Won't Cheapen It With A Pun About 'Explosive Fun'

In Dynamite Jack, you play the part of a space marine that has been captured by the enemy and forced to work in the Anathema Mines. You don't have time for that nonsense, so escape it is. It seems like your alien captors are not the brightest stars in the cosmos – they leave explosives, flashlights. and keycards laying around everywhere.  Lucky for you.

Gameplay And Controls

You start at the lowest level of the mines, and your goal in each stage is to find the exit denoted by a shimmering point of light.

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Oil Rush Brings Beautiful Real Time Strategy To Mobile, But Only Invites Snapdragon S4 Devices To The Battle

Since the dawn of mobile gaming, a handful of genres have struggled with the transition to tiny screens, while still keeping usable controls. Oil Rush is Unigine's attempt at one of the most daunting categories, real-time strategy. The game doesn't come with just another slightly different control scheme, it's equipped with a full storyline, high end graphics, and voice actors! Oh yeah, and a pretty high price tag...


Set during a post-apocalyptic war in which a nuclear weapon has melted the ice caps and flooded Earth, the remaining inhabitants fight to control any last remaining oil reserves.

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[New Game] City Conquest Is An Innovative Mix Of Tower Defense, Tower Offense, And Real Time Strategy

If you're looking for something new in the stagnating world of tower defense, this is it. City Conquest turns the genre on its head, by forcing players to defend their own territory and attack others simultaneously, with a combination of real-time and turn-based gameplay. It's a bit hard to wrap your head around, but trust me, the experience is well worth the effort. City Conquest is a free download in the Play Store (ad-supported, no in-app purchases) for devices running Android 4.0 or later with a resolution of at least 960x720.

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Flower Power: Eufloria HD Review

My fondest memories of the original Star Wars films were the starfighter dogfights. The first time you see the assault run on the Death Star, or the ill-fated attack on the second before it was finished, it's really cool to watch a bunch of fighter craft flying around, blowing the heck out of each other. Every once in a while, you can get the same sense of scale and calamity in a game - usually of the real-time strategy variety.

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[New Game] Herocraft's Ant Raid Lands On Android To Fight For Queen And Colony

Ant Raid has been a long time coming for Android gamers. After the game received no small amount of notoriety on iOS, Herocraft has finally seen fit to release it to our fair platform, just in time for you to ignore your family over the holidays. Even better, they're discounting it for the launch, so you can pick it up for just a dollar at the moment.

The gameplay is somewhere between Starcraft and Pikmin.

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[New Game] OverLight Alpha Lets You Have Fun With Lasers, Without The Warning Labels

Ask any mad scientist worth his fortress of evil: lasers are awesome, shark-mounted or otherwise. This has been the basis for many a shoot-em-up game (see our Hyperwave review for a good example) but they've been lamentably absent from the puzzle genre, until now. OverLight uses a series of lasers and prisms to mix up the conventions of falling block and match-3 puzzles, with no small amount of visual flair. It's available now on Google Play for one dollar.

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[New Game] The Hunters Look To Scratch Your Strategy Itch

The Hunters: Episode One is a new game on the Google Play Store that looks to appeal to fans of the XCOM, Jagged Alliance, and Final Fantasy Tactics series. You take control of a team of mercenaries in turn-based missions which will earn you money upon completion. You can use that money to upgrade your squad and complete contracts that refresh every day. You can also purchase in-game currency with real money, as well.

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