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[Update: APK Download] Snapchat adds support for group Stories

Perhaps by coincidence, both Instagram and Snapchat have announced new features related to Stories today. Instagram is rolling out stories in the Explore tab, which contain a mishmash of Stories tagged with a certain location or hashtag. Now Snapchat has announced the ability to create Stories for groups.

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Instagram 10.22 adds Location and Hashtag Stories to the Explore tab [APK Download]

Instagram created a carbon copy of Snapchat stories last year, but now the company is making them far more discoverable. In a blog post, Instagram announced that Stories will now be accessible by location and hashtags.

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Facebook introduces the stories-like Messenger Day

Facebook is continually adding features to its Messenger platform, which is great for the many who use it. This time around brings us stories... er, I mean Messenger Days, which are "temporary" photos or videos that your friends can see and reply to. They disappear after twenty-four hours, or you can delete them before then if you so choose.

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[Editorial] Why I'm thankful for Android Police, a story of sad and happy coincidences

What you are about to read is unlike anything I have ever written for Android Police before. There are no coupon codes, reviews, leaks, specs, or APKs in this article. Instead, this is a story that I have wanted to share with you, our readers, for quite some time. Today, as I reflected on the things I am grateful for in my life, I made the decision to sit down and write the story of one of the most random, timely, and wondrous things that have ever happened to me, all because I was an Android Police reader. If you have a few minutes to read a story, then sit down, and I'll tell you one.

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Google Is Making Android A Beautiful, Dynamic Scrapbook - A Closer Look At Material Design

Google didn't spend enough time on Material Design during the keynote. We saw a beautiful video and learned a little bit about the intent and thought behind Google's new cross-platform look (which we actually saw a bit earlier than anticipated), but there's so much more to be said. Having attended as many design sessions as possible during I/O, I think it's worth taking a somewhat closer look at Material Design. In this post we'll attempt to scratch a little bit deeper into what Material means, why it's awesome, and why it's a forward-looking move for Google.

We'll give a quick look at some of the fundamental principles of material design, while avoiding restating the extremely detailed and thoughtfully crafted design guidelines.

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[New Game] Zombies, Run! Developer Six To Start Launches A New, Slower-Paced App To Get People Moving: The Walk

Six to Start's latest app is another pedometer for people who need more motivation to get off the couch. Similar to the team's previous game, Zombies, Run!, The Walk is an immersive experience that pits players in the midst of a suspenseful storyline - but rather than tap and swipe at the screen to make progress, you must get on your feet and move. It hopes to change your next walk around town into an adventure you will never forget.

TheWalk1 TheWalk2 TheWalk3

The game begins with a bomb exploding in Inverness station and you being handed a package that could save the world.

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Ravensword Is An Open World Action RPG That Definitely Isn't Skyrim, Still Looks Pretty Awesome

Do you like sword fighting giant spiders, expansive worlds to explore, pickpocketing items from strangers, avoiding jail time, riding horses, sneaking around, gathering loot, switching from first- to -third-person at the tap of a button, choice-based questing systems, ragdoll physics, and ancient lore? Then I can think of two games you might be really interested in! One of them is Ravensword: Shadowlands!

ravensword1 ravensword2 ravensword3

The game is set in a fantasy landscape and sends the player on a mission to "solve the mysteries of the Kingdom of Tyreas." Presumably, these are different mysteries from the ones in the Kingdom of Aralon, which were addressed in Aralon: Sword and Shadow, a previous game from the same developer.

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[New Game] Tin Man Games Brings Another Fighting Fantasy Adventure To Android With 'House Of Hell'

Partnered with Steve Jackson, Tin Man Games has brought another Fighting Fantasy title to the digital age with House of Hell. For the uninitiated, Fighting Fantasy is a series of interactive "gamebooks" by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone which began publication in the early 80's. The books each contain their own fantasy adventure, the outcome of which is completely dependent on the reader's choices.

Staying true to the 1980's aesthetic of the original printed works, Tin Man's adaptation of House of Hell has the option to turn off its various visual enhancements to "make the gamebook look like it came off the printing press in the 80s."

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Square Enix Releases Chaos Rings In The US, An RPG Designed For Mobile That's Not Final Fantasy, Still Pricey At $13

If you can say nothing else about Square Enix, the company sure is raising the bar on both Android game prices and scope. With the recent Final Fantasy ports, mobile gamers with some cash to spare have had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time in mythical lands leveling up and fighting outlandish enemies. If you're looking for something in that neighborhood that you haven't played before, though, Chaos Rings has finally been ported to Android, and it looks fantastic.

Chaos Rings centers around teams of characters that all join the Ark Arena to do battle. Each person has their own plot (one, it seems, really likes the idea of immortality!)

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Gameloft's (Other) First Unreal Engine Game, Wild Blood, Gets Teased On Video And It's Bloody Awesome

We saw a brief hint recently for Gameloft's upcoming game based on the Unreal Engine. A single still image showed a man holding a giant sword, covered in blood, as he stood alone in a field of his enemies' remains. Yeah. Awesome. Well, now Gameloft has unveiled a trailer for the game that teaser teased. Watch it. Now.

Yeah, this looks kinda big. And by that, I of course mean "really big." Gameloft is touting this as its "first Unreal game." I suppose that means Gameloft's other first Unreal Engine game is going to be pushed back to being released second.

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