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You'll soon be able to see Snapchat Stories on the web

It will soon be possible to share your Snapchat Stories on the web, Snap has announced today. The initiative, which would reportedly be called Stories Everywhere, was first leaked last month by Cheddar and will allow users to generate a shareable link to a story which can then be viewed on a web browser. According to information Snapchat shared with Android Police, the feature will initially be rolling out to Snapchatters who are currently on the redesigned Snapchat app, which includes users in countries like Australia and Canada.

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Instagram makes your Stories last forever with Archives and Highlights

There's a point in every person's life when they give up on trying to be the cool kid and surrender to their fate of scoffing, "kids, nowadays!" at every opportunity. I reached mine a couple of years ago when Snapchat became a thing, Twitter started being about politics and news more than fun conversations, and everyone (and their mom, dad, kids, and grandparents) was on Facebook. Now I just sigh and roll my eyes each time I see people putting more of the silliest parts of their lives online, which, as I type it, sounds quite hypocritical given this very paragraph.

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YouTube Community rolls out to more channels and gets a Stories clone

Last year, YouTube began trialing a new product called Community, aimed at making the video sharing platform a little more social and engaging. Community is a place where creators can share things like text, polls, images, GIFs (and who doesn't enjoy a good GIF?), and more with their subscribers. It's potentially a valuable way for uploaders to engage with their viewers — and arguably a much better one than the virtual septic tank that is YouTube's comment section — but unfortunately one that was only available to a select handful of channels.

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Instagram adds 'Request' button so you can join a friend's live video [APK Download]

Instagram has all but killed off Snapchat by this point, and it's got a lot to do with the strength of its stories and live video features. With the latest update to version 24, a new 'Request' button has been added to the comments section of live videos to be added to the stream.

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Instagram on mobile site now lets you create Stories and save posts

A couple of months back, Instagram added the ability to view Stories on its mobile site. But regarding the ability to post from the mobile site as well, the blog post simply gave the standard "in the coming months." Now, that functionality is here, along with the ability to save posts.

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Instagram Stories now supports importing media more than 24 hours old

Instagram has always allowed you to add previously-taken pictures and videos to your Story, but the app imposed one limitation - the media had to be less than 24 hours old. I honestly never noticed that, but it seems silly. Instagram now seems to think so too, and has removed that limit from the mobile apps.

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Instagram adds the ability to share stories with friends via Direct

Instagram took to its Tumblr blog of all places to announce that stories can now be shared with your friends via Direct. That's cool... I think. And when the story disappears from the original account, it will also vanish from your inbox. Some magical stuff right there.

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Instagram brings Stories to the mobile website

Instagram says that over 250M people use its Snapchat-like Stories every day, even more than the 200M that were reported back in March. But Stories so far were tied to the mobile apps and that limited their visibility to users. Now, Stories will start showing up on the mobile website as well. (The desktop site still doesn't have them.)

Starting today and over the next weeks, Stories will show up on the top of your feed when you visit from your mobile browser. You can view any story by tapping it and switch by tapping the left and right arrows on the side of the screen.

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Instagram 10.29 adds photo and video replies to Stories [APK Download]

Instagram added 'Stories' a while back, enabling users to post photos and short videos that only last 24 hours. Even though it's a direct clone of Snapchat's own Stories feature, there are more people using it than the collective userbase of Snapchat itself. So, it only makes sense that Instagram would continue to improve it, and now you can reply to Stories with photos and videos.

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Instagram adds face filters for all of your whimsical and entertaining selfie needs

Instagram is one of the social media platforms where I spend more time lurking in my feed than actively participating in others' photos or posting any myself. So the update rolling out for the Android version is not aimed at people like me, but here I am telling all of you about it. Isn't that just swell of me.

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