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Spotify is working on Stories, because people clearly don't have enough of them

Although Spotify is not a social media network, it has a bunch of features to let users share playlists, songs, and albums amongst each other. However, it doesn't really give artists the opportunity to interact with their fans, besides sharing their biography, a few pictures, and concert dates on their page. This is about to change, as the streaming platform is reportedly introducing stories, in which performers will be able to create a stronger bond with listeners.

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Instagram kills Direct, its standalone Snapchat competitor, merges it into main app

In order to fiercely compete with Snapchat, Facebook launched Stories on almost all its messaging platforms, beginning with Instagram. The feature was so popular it succeeded in dethroning its rival, which encouraged the company to release a standalone messaging app called Direct. Although the new software brought some extra features like exclusive filters, Instagram has decided to merge all functionalities into its main application.

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Spotify 'Storyline' lets artists tell the story behind their songs, Instagram-style

A song can take many forms and meanings, depending on who's listening to it and at which point in their lives they are. We all have our interpretations, but I'm always curious to know what the artist's inspiration was, to get a better feel for where they were coming from. That's why I often find myself reading Spotify's Behind the Lyrics cards whenever I come across them. But the music streaming service seems to be adding its in-house spin that doesn't rely on third-party service Genius, by providing artists with a new Storyline feature.

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Instagram lets you add those ridiculous Story filters to existing images and videos

Instagram nowadays is synonymous with three words: Stories, filters, and ads; and the first two are at the crux of the latest addition we spotted in the app. After allowing you to apply filters à la Snapchat while taking photos and videos for your Stories, Instagram has added the option to use those filters after the fact.

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YouTube Stories are live for all channels with 10K+ subscribers

Stories. Historically, we've loved reading them and telling them, but the word has evolved a lot in the past years to encompass moments shared throughout the day. Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, they all have their version of Stories, and now YouTube has officially launched its own.

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Instagram expands shopping features in Stories and Explore

Instagram is making it easier for users to buy the stuff they see brands post in Stories. The photo-sharing platform started testing the Shopping in Stories feature in June; as of today, it's available to businesses based in 46 countries. There's also a new Shopping channel prominently featured in Explore.

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YouTube is testing Stories that look exactly like Instagram's

For some reason, it seems like every single social media service wants to add stories to their platform. Snapchat really kicked the concept off, Instagram decided to copy it, and then Zuckerberg and friends decided to put it in Facebook too. Now, YouTube is joining in on the fun as well.

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Instagram testing Facebook-like reactions in its Stories

It's been over two years since Facebook first introduced reactions to go along with the famous 'Like' button, and about a year since those reactions spread to the comments section. At some point, reactions were added to Facebook Messenger as well. Now, though, Facebook is bringing them to an entirely different platform altogether: Instagram.

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Instagram Stories hits 400m daily users, introduces new soundtrack feature [Updated]

If you use Instagram, there's a good chance you've tried out Stories, which lets you send timely updates to your followers in photo or video form. It's probably to blame for the waning interest in Snapchat and has had a steady stream of feature updates such as sharing from other apps. So it's not at all surprising to learn that Instagram Stories now has 400 million daily users.

With its latest new feature, which we discovered in a recent teardown, you'll be able to include a soundtrack in your Stories.

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Facebook adds new Stories features, starting in India

Facebook is rolling out a number of new Stories features today, starting in India. The social network is adding voice posts, an archive for shared Stories, and the option to save photos and videos from the Facebook Camera directly to Facebook's servers to conserve local storage space.

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