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SanDisk’s New iNAND 7132 Embedded Mobile Storage Offers Faster Speeds With Improved Performance For Photography And Video

At Mobile World Congress SanDisk announced a microSD card coming with a massive 200GBs of space. That's for consumers to buy. But there's something for manufacturers too. The company has also announced improved iNAND storage to pack inside mobile devices.

As always, the new iNAND 7132 storage solution is SanDisk's most advanced yet. The company's latest embedded flash drive offers faster transfer speeds, enabling improved performance for burst photography and 4k video capture.

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SanDisk Announces 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive With Both Full-Size And Type-C Connectors

The age of microUSB is about to come to an end, and SanDisk is on hand to usher in the new reversible era. The company has just announced a 32GB flash drive with two connectors—one full-size USB 3.0 and one USB 3.0 Type-C. There aren't many things you can plug that Type-C connector into yet, but it'll be really neat when there are.


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SanDisk Announces A Whopping 200GB MicroSD Card At MWC, Samsung Fans Weep And Gnash Teeth

The new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have a lot going for them. But one thing that they don't have is MicroSD card slots... which is kind of a big deal, since removable storage has been a notable feature of almost every Samsung Android phone, ever. With impeccable timing, flash storage specialist SanDisk announced the world's largest MicroSD card on the same day. I can hear Samsung fans crying out in frustration all the way from Barcelona.

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Samsung Electronics Starts Mass Producing The Industry's First 128GB Universal Flash Storage, Almost Certainly Galaxy S6-Bound

Before every MWC event, Samsung gradually unveils bits and pieces of its semiconductor innovations that not-so-suprisingly end up inside its line of imminent Galaxy S devices. So far this year, the company has announced its 8Gb LPDDR4 RAM chip (with 4GB of RAM) and 14nm FinFET processor (to be introduced in the company's Exynos 7 Octa), both of which promise faster speeds and more power efficiency.


Today we get another glimpse inside the Galaxy S6, well...presumably.

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Unclouded Hits Version 2.0 With Updated Design, Support For Box And One Drive, And More


As time progresses, I find myself with more and more cloud storage to manage. Typically, I try to stick with Google Drive and Dropbox but increasingly - despite their fairly intuitive interfaces - managing the actual files that fill up my storage space seems like a hassle. Luckily, there's an app that makes my storage situation as clear as I could hope - Unclouded.

Christian Göllner's Unclouded, if you missed our coverage at launch, is an app that helps "explore, analyze and clean your cloud storage."

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Seagate's $130 Wireless Hard Drive Offers 500GB Of On-The-Go Storage With Direct Streaming To Chromecast

If you're one of those users who continually laments the lack of expandable storage options from high-end smartphones or tablets, Seagate would like a word. The well-known hard drive manufacturer is releasing a somewhat unconventional model aimed squarely at mobile devices. The Seagate Wireless (that's the full name of the drive) is a 500GB hard drive with a built-in power supply and a Wi-Fi radio for accessing files on the go.

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Motorola Now Offers 64GB Storage Upgrade For 2nd Gen Moto X Pure Edition

The base mode of the 2014 Moto X is still only 16GB, but a 32GB upgrade has been available since launch. Not enough? Motorola has just announced that 64GB is an option when you order through Moto Maker, but only for the Pure Edition unlocked Moto X.

2014-12-31 13_40_01-My Moto X design

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[Deal Alert] HooToo TripMate Elite 6000mAh All-In-One Battery, AC Adapter, Personal Cloud, And Hotspot Device $41.99 On Amazon After $5 Coupon Code

Is it too much to ask to have a device that simply does all the things? You know, all the things. It can plug into the wall for power, store 6000mAh worth of juice when an outlet isn't close by, function as a hotspot for nearby devices, and serve as a personal cloud that shares USB storage wirelessly. This sounds like a great thing to have while traveling, so seriously, is wanting one too much to ask?

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Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again, Extends API To Allow Full Directory Access, Automatic MediaStore, And Improves Security

Over the last few years, few topics have been more hotly contested by Android users and developers than how SD cards are handled by the OS. Back in February, I discussed some of Google's changes during the transition from Android 2.3 to 4.0, and then how more recent policy changes ultimately led to 3rd-party applications losing most of their access to removable storage. By the time I/O came around, Google acknowledged that KitKat's newly added Storage Access Framework still didn't offer enough range for apps to get their work done.

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[Deal Alert] SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drives For Smartphones And Tablets Drop To Their Lowest Amazon Prices Yet ($44.95 - $67.95)

Every smartphone out there might not be able to use a microSD card, but it can take advantage of a full-sized flash drive. Hey, hear me out here. I'm well aware that Android phones don't come with big USB ports, but SanDisk has produced a flash drive that your phone or tablet can access wirelessly. While they're not a perfect solution to the problem of limited storage, they're one of the best options out there.

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