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SanDisk Announces The Connect Wireless Stick, Up To 128GB Of Storage For Your Phone Accessible Via WiFi

SanDisk has announced a new product in its Connect line of wireless storage devices, the Connect Wireless Stick. This appears to be the second generation version of the Connect Wireless Flash Drive, which has been around for about a year. This version is slimmer, has more storage, and relies on a new app.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Apps Now Need Your Permission To Read And Write To External Storage

The M preview changes the way Android deals with permissions. Rather than viewing a bulky list and approving all of the things an app wants access to right from the beginning, M lets you grant permission as the need arises.

Starting with the second preview, apps now need permission to access storage outside of their own personal space. This was something they could do out-of-the-box in the first preview build of Android M.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has Samsung EVO MicroSD Cards Going Cheap: 64GB For $20, 128GB For $70

Android M is going to have some interesting new tools for fans of MicroSD cards and expandable storage in general. If you're looking for some cheap SD cards, Amazon is selling official Samsung-branded storage today... an unfortunate and cruel circumstance for owners of the Galaxy S6. Anyway, Amazon's selection of EVO cards has a few very good deals at the moment, particularly this 64GB Class 10 MicroSD card for just $19.57.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Built-In Storage Manager Becomes Much More Usable

When you go to the Storage area of settings and tap on Misc. to see what's eating up your free space, Android tosses up a rather basic file manager. You can select top-level directories and delete them. That's it. This screen doesn't even let you dive in and see what files are lurking about.

Screenshot_2015-06-30-13-24-40 Screenshot_2015-06-30-13-24-47

Pre-Android M

In Android M, Misc. changes to Other files. But that's just the beginning.

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The New Photos App Will Offer To Clean Up Your Device Storage When You Run Low

Google is very into this whole cloud thing, so much so that it's offering unlimited storage of high-quality images and video as part of the new Photos. If you've got all your stuff online, do you really need it locally? The new Photos app doesn't think so, and it can help you save some space.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-16-42 Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-16-55 Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-17-10

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] External Storage Can Be 'Adopted' As True Internal Storage Or Accessed Normally With No Additional Apps

You know how Google hates microSD cards and everything they stand for? Well, Android M might signal a change of heart. In the dev preview, there's support for adopting removable storage as part of the system and treating it as internal. You can also plug in and use USB drives on stock Android without any additional apps.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box Offers Discounts On Kingston MicroSD Cards From 16GB All The Way To 128GB

Do you want a little extra storage for your MicroSD-equipped smartphone? Alternately, do you want a hell of a lot of extra storage? Then checking out Amazon's daily Gold Box deal this morning would be a good place to start. The retailer is offering massive discounts on Kingston-branded cards in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities. As usual with Gold Box, the discounts are valid for today only, and all come with free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime users.

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Samsung Announces New, Faster SD And MicroSD Cards

Samsung makes a lot of products, including flash storage cards. The company has just announced new PRO Plus and EVO Plus cards with increased read and write speeds. And by the way, you can't use them in Samsung's new flagship phone.


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[Update: It's Back] Deal Alert: 64GB PNY Turbo Performance MicroSD Card On Sale For $24.99 On Amazon

When built-in storage just isn't enough, you can always pop in a microSD card. Well, unless you have a Nexus 6... or the new Galaxy S6... or a Moto X... or—okay look, that's not the point. There are still some phones that support microSD cards and here's a 64GB card that's mega-cheap. Alright?

2015-03-27 15_11_47-Amazon.com_ PNY Turbo Performance 64GB High Speed MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Up to

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SanDisk’s New iNAND 7132 Embedded Mobile Storage Offers Faster Speeds With Improved Performance For Photography And Video

At Mobile World Congress SanDisk announced a microSD card coming with a massive 200GBs of space. That's for consumers to buy. But there's something for manufacturers too. The company has also announced improved iNAND storage to pack inside mobile devices.

As always, the new iNAND 7132 storage solution is SanDisk's most advanced yet. The company's latest embedded flash drive offers faster transfer speeds, enabling improved performance for burst photography and 4k video capture.

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