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[Deal Alert] Up to 50% off of PNY storage devices on Amazon Gold Box today

Another day, another deal and today's comes from Amazon's Gold Box sale. Certain PNY flash storage items are on sale for up to 50% off. These include flash drives, SD cards, microSD cards, and OTG accessories. Most of the storage media are pretty high capacity, too.

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Android 7.1 feature spotlight: Storage now separates System into an entry all of its own

Android's storage management has steadily improved over the last few years, with a storage manager added in Marshmallow and adoptable SD cards as well. The next small, iterative improvement arrives in Android 7.1 Nougat, with System now separated out into its own entry in the storage management screen.

This means that, when viewing the storage that has been used, it will now show System storage and how much has been taken up by the System - on my 6P running 7.1, System takes up 4.57GB. On my Wileyfox Spark, which runs Marshmallow (albeit Cyanogen OS, but still) ... I can't tell because there's no System entry.

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[8-Hour Deal Alert] Get a 200GB SanDisk microSD card for just $59.99 as part of Amazon's Deal of the Day

Storage is constantly getting cheaper and cheaper, which is great news for consumers. Less than a year ago, this very product was considered a deal at $135. This isn't the first time this deal has come, but right now, you can pick up a 200GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card for a penny under $60 as part of Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day.

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Telegram version 3.11 adds group previews, personal storage, faster downloads, trending stickers, and more

Stickers: they're seriously business. Apparently. Not being into all of these newfangled messenger alternatives I've really never seen the point, but they're important enough that super-popular alt messenger Telegram thinks they need their own "trending" section in the app. Version 3.11 adds a trending sticker area to its dedicated sticker page, so you can browse the most popular images being used by the service's hundreds of millions of users. Neat.

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[Update: Down To $24.90 Until 1AM ET] [Deal Alert] Silicon Power 128GB MicroSD Card Drops To All-Time Low Price Of $29.95

Storage is always getting cheaper thanks to the unstoppable march of technology. That's particularly apparent in the prices of microSD cards, which are more affordable than ever. I remember once paying $100 for a 1GB SD card, but that was many years ago. Today, you can get the Silicon Power 128GB microSD card for $29.95.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Scoped Directory Access Gives Apps An Easy Way To Ask Users For Access To Common Folders

File storage on Android has been a complicated subject over the years. It started very simply with private folders for each app and a pair of permissions for read and write access to just about everything else. The seeds of change were planted with Honeycomb when Google quietly closed off write access to secondary storage like SD cards, but most people didn't take notice until Google insisted OEMs enforce the same rules in KitKat.

Each year since, new APIs have been introduced to give developers new ways to work with the filesystem or even abstract it out of view while also improving security and maintaining privacy.

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MoDaCo Manages To Get Adoptable SD Card Storage Working On The Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge, No Root Required

It was a nice surprise when Samsung announced that its new flagship phones would be running Android 6.0, and that they were bringing back the much-requested expandable storage was icing on the cake. The news that the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge would not support adoptable storage, Android Marshmallow's ability to take an SD card and partition it as semi-permanent device storage, was met with less enthusiasm. But all is not lost, expandable storage fans: long-time modder and ROM developer Paul "MoDaCo" O'Brien has got this covered.

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A Nasty Zenfone 2 Bug Is Gobbling Up Gigabytes Of Storage With Giant Log Files

A number of Zenfone 2 owners have been making oddly similar complaints about a lack of storage space, and it looks like this isn't a case of poor management on their part. There may be a bug in the device that clogs the internal storage with multiple gigabytes of log files. What's worse, you can't do anything about it without root.

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[Who Needs The Cloud] Samsung Begins Mass Production Of 256GB UFS Chips For Mobile Devices

Samsung just announced that it has begun mass manufacturing of the industry's first 256GB Universal Flash Storage chips for high-end mobile devices. The new memory is nearly twice as fast as typical SATA-based SSDs found in PCs. Using two lanes of data transfer, the new chip can move data at up to a blistering 850MB per second.

Sequential writing speeds clock in at a rate of up to 260MB a second, or about three times faster than high-performance external SD cards. What this translates to is buttery-smooth frame rates when the chip is tasked with the playback of Ultra HD video files, even while simultaneously multitasking in a split screen.

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[Deal Alert] PNY 128GB MicroSD Card On Sale For $34.95 At Amazon

So, you've got a massive library of media, and you absolutely must have as much of it with you as possible at all times? Sounds like you need a gigantic microSD card (and a phone that supports it, but that's a story for another day). But oh, the cost! Well, there's a sweet deal on a PNY card today at Amazon. 128GB for thirty-five smackers.

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