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Newly published UFS 3.0 spec brings faster storage speeds to smartphones

The standards organization JEDEC has released version 3.0 of the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) specification. The new specification more than doubles the bandwidth from the previous version, providing up to two lanes at 1450 MB/s, for a maximum of 2.9 GB/s, compared to a maximum of 1.2 GB/s. The standard also includes temperature reporting mechanisms on the storage controller intended specifically for the automotive market, where electronics are subject to more adverse conditions.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung EVO Select microSD cards discounted up to $20 on Amazon

Smartphones come with more internal storage these days, but sometimes that just isn't enough. For those devices with the necessary slot, a microSD card can allow you to carry a massive media library around in your pocket. You can get some of the fastest cards out there today for a nice discount. Samsung's EVO Select cards are all on sale. The smaller ones are just a few bucks off, but you save more on the larger ones.

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Silicon Power's C50 USB drive has USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB all in one device

We live in interesting times. As the USB Type-C standard slowly spreads, we're left with three different USB ports in operation. There's USB-C, USB-A, and microUSB, but no longer will you need different flash drives for all those devices. A company called Silicon Power has announced a flash drive that has all three connectors, and it doesn't look as awkward as you'd expect.

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YouTube Kids v2.28 sets up for user profiles and better offline video management [APK Teardown]

YouTube doesn't talk very much about what it has to offer for younger audiences, but through its Kids app, parents have easy access to a great library of child-friendly material. Not long ago, the app introduced a "reading" category built around the theme of books and literary characters. Regular updates to the app are also occasionally introducing new features. The latest update includes a few hints about some improvements that may be coming soon, including more control over offline videos and profiles for easily swapping content for different kids.

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SanDisk announces new 256GB microSD card that meets faster U3 specification

I distinctly recall paying more than $100 for a 1GB SD card many years ago. Now, the cards are smaller, faster, and have much higher capacities. SanDisk announced an Ultra-series 256GB card at CES this year, but the new Extreme card is even faster with support for the A1 U3 standard.

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[Deal Alert] 256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card on sale for $135 at Amazon ($45 off)

Cloud storage is great. With it you can safely tuck away all your important photos, videos, documents, and other digital possessions in someone else's server and access them at any time. Any time you have an internet connection, that is. For people who fly often, have a limited data plan, slow internet, or a severe case of paranoia, local storage still reigns supreme. If you need a lot of it for a reasonable price then look no further. Today, you can grab a 256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card for just $135 at Amazon.

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Kingston announces 1TB and 2TB flash drives, because why not

Since the very first disc drive, the 5MB IBM 350, storage has only become cheaper, smaller, and more plentiful. Today at CES, Kingston Digital announced the DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte (that's a mouthful) flash drives, which will be sold in both 1TB and 2TB configurations.

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The previously announced Google Play billing for Drive storage is already live for some

Google announced a couple weeks ago that billing for Google Drive would move over to the Play Store subscription system. At the time it said this would happen sometime in January, but it looks like it's already live for some people. Time to check your Google Play account page.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, and Walmart offer deep discounts on MicroSD cards and Wi-Fi storage today

It's well into the evening now for most of the US, so presumably the bloody melee that is retail Black Friday sales is mostly over. If you've set your broken bones and patched up your bruises and you're still itching for some deals, the big box online stores are still offering discounts on MicroSD card storage, plus SanDisk's Wi-Fi-powered flash storage devices. Let's break it down by retailer, shall we?

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SD Association announces new 'App Performance Class' for SD cards

The SD Association is the trade group which oversees the specification for (you guessed it) SD cards. SD Specification 5.1 is about to roll out, and there's something of particular interest for Android users in there—a new app performance class for cards that have been certified to be fast enough to run apps on your phone.

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