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Vivendi Succeeds In Hostile Takeover Of Mobile Game Publisher Gameloft

Earlier this year we reported that Vivendi, a media mega-corporation headquartered in Paris, was attempting to take control of prolific mobile developer and publisher Gameloft. It appears that they've succeeded: today the company announced that it has purchased a 61.71% share of Gameloft's public stock, giving it more than half of the voting rights for the corporation. The company offered 8 euro per share to existing shareholders in February in a conventional hostile takeover attempt.

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Leak Claims Uncarrier 11 Will Include 'T-Mobile Tuesdays' Giveaway App And Free T-Mobile Stock

T-Mobile is moving forward with its Uncarrier plans, and things are getting weird now that all the low-hanging fruit is taken care of. The carrier has done away with contracts, added data stash, and offered free movie and music streaming data. Now, it's just going to start giving stuff away, even little pieces of the company.

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French Media Company Vivendi Attempts Hostile Takeover Of Prolific Mobile Publisher Gameloft

Gameloft has been one of the most consistent (if not one of the most respected) game developers since the beginning of the mobile gaming boom, though the company began on consoles. Vivendi, an enormous French media empire with interests in music, movies, video games, and pretty much every other entertainment industry, is attempting a hostile stock takeover of Gameloft, according to Bloomberg. The larger company has already purchased over 30% of Gameloft's stock, and is now offering 6 euros a share for the remaining amount.

Gameloft began humbly, founded in Paris by former executives of Ubisoft. Gameloft was one of the only companies that made high-end games for the old iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.

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Motorola's Keylink Accessory Is Gone From The Online Store, But It Will Be Back In A Few Weeks

Yesterday ComputerWorld writer JR Raphael found that the Motorola Keylink, the Bluetooth phone/key finder accessory that was released a couple of months ago, had suddenly vanished from Motorola's online store. This caused a certain amount of confusion and speculation that Motorola had discontinued the gadget, even so quickly after its launch. We reached out to our press contact at Motorola for some clarification.


No worries, absent-minded Motorola phone owners. According to a company representative, they're just out of stock, and will be for the next few weeks. For whatever reason Moto simply decided to remove the listing from the online store in the interim.

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A Quick Look At Google's New Messaging App - Messenger

Ever since we first took a look at Motorola's Nexus 6 (and subsequently saw it leaked and finally announced) there's been a question about that blue and white icon in the dock. We learned directly from Google that it would be a new app called Messenger, that sounds like it will - for all intents and purposes - replace the AOSP messaging app that used to appear on stock devices. But Google didn't give up many details about the app, outside the fact that it would be "specially designed to be a quick and easy way to send and receive SMS and MMS messages on Android," with more information forthcoming.

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Motorola Promises Pre-Order For 'New Products,' Moto 360 Stock Refresh Tuesday

Motorola, in a post to its official blog today, announced that the Moto 360 would be back in stock on its website beginning Tuesday, September 16th. What's more exciting, though, is the promise of pre-order for new products beginning the same day. Yes, that means the new Moto X.

But before you get too excited, only the Moto X Pure Edition (the unbranded, unlocked version), and the AT&T variant will be available for pre-order Tuesday. Along with the Moto X, customers can pre-order the Moto Hint and the Motorola Turbo Charger.

The pre-order madness officially starts at 11am Central Time, with shipping dates provided on a per-case basis at checkout.

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Google's Stock Email App Finds Its Way Onto The Play Store [APK Download]

Google, in a continued effort to break stock Android apps out of Android, has just added Email to the Play Store. It's the Email app you know and love from Android, but with a few added features. For the initial Play Store debut, Google has beefed up security (in unspecified ways) for Gmail accounts, improved the account setup flow, added printing to the app, and fixed "other bugs."

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[Breaking] Google Releases Stock Camera App To The Play Store [APK Download]

What a way to start our favorite day of the week - Update Wednesday! Google just dropped the official Camera app into the Play Store, thus paving the way for quicker updates and new features without having to wait for and install OTAs.

The new camera version 2.1.037 has a brand new interface and includes a new lens blur feature for more DSLR-like shots, which you can read about here. Another important update includes the previously rumored 100% viewfinder fix, which means the final photo will look exactly the same as it does on the viewfinder screen. Panoramic photospheres can now be captured in a whopping 50MP resolution if you change the settings to Maximum quality.

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Stock Android Isn't Perfect: 4.4 KitKat Edition

Besides a bevy of new features, Android's update to 4.4 brought forth a ton of tweaks to the interface through GEL launcher and a fresh round of updated stock apps. There's little doubt Android's user experience and overall design paradigms are continuing to evolve, becoming more refined, usable, and useful. We covered most of the changes to the interface in Getting to Know Android but, as with any major update, new changes come with new opportunities for error.

There are plenty of incongruences, inconsistencies, and lingering design problems in Android 4.4, and just like previous entries in the Stock Android Isn't Perfect series, we'll be running through those of note.

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HTC Posts A 1.12GB RUU For The T-Mobile HTC One With Android 4.3, In Case You're Having Problems Updating Or Want To Return To Stock

T-Mobile pushed out the Android 4.3 update for its HTC One just two days ago, but some users have had problems updating. While this story sounds like it would have an unhappy ending with some users left stranded using an older version of Jelly Bean, HTC has come out with an alternative means of saving the day. Today the company posted a full 1.12 GB RUU that T-Mobile customers can download and flash manually.


To avoid the hassle of visiting HTC's site, here's a direct download. The processing for performing the manual update is more complex than an OTA, but it's still pretty straightforward.

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