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[Update: Formally available for all, plus emoji] Gboard 7.5.6 beta introduces two personalized 'Minis' sticker packs

In his teardown of Gboard v 7.4, Cody saw signs of a new personalized "minis" sticker pack coming. The feature is now live in v7.5.6 beta, which started rolling out today. The new minis stickers are a re-implementation of the selfie stickers that launched on Allo last year — as a matter of fact, many of the options are the same — but instead of one pack, you get two: "Bold mini" and "Sweet mini."

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SwiftKey adds new exclusive Halo sticker pack and Skype emoticons

In a world full of ways to express oneself, sticker packs and emoticons remain some of my favorites. Being a user of Telegram, I often take advantage of the stickers there (my favorite is the Geralt of Rivia/Witcher pack). SwiftKey is continuing to add new features via its Toolbar. Now users can look for two new items: a set of emoticons from Skype and a Halo sticker pack.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Allo can use your selfie to create a personalized sticker pack with machine learning

Selfies are a bit of a pandemic these days; it's almost impossible to get through a day without seeing at least a few on social media. In keeping with that theme, along with Allo's obsession with sticker packs, the 'smart messaging app' can now create personalized sticker packs from just a selfie. We first spotted this in a teardown back in January, but it's finally live.

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Allo has a new sticker pack for the NBA playoffs

I'm told there is some sort of basketball tournament going on right now. To celebrate, Google has released an NBA sticker pack for Allo. You know, that chat app that Google really wants you to try out.

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