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The RED Hydrogen One is an act of will given physical form — but will you share its creator's dream?

This past week in New York City, Red founder Jim Jannard stood before a huddled crowd of tech journalists, passionately making the case for his dream phone: the Hydrogen One. It's a big, heavy phone that looks little like the sleek handsets that dominate today's sales, built with a totally different set of priorities than we're used to seeing from mainstream OEMs. At a time when even Motorola looks like it's losing passion for modular hardware, Jannard and the Hydrogen One are eager to embrace it. And while we thought 3D screens on phones had died over half a decade ago, Jannard and his baby sure want to convince us there's life in them yet. 

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YouTube v10.21 Adds Cardboard Support To 360-Degree Videos For The True In-Your-Face Experience [APK Download]

A couple of months ago, Google brought 360-degree videos to YouTube. While we're still not seeing a lot of multi-directional content popping up, it has certainly warranted some attention, including a fairly lengthy mention during the Google I/O 2015 Keynote presentation. At the time, we learned that YouTube would be adding VR video support for Cardboard later this summer. In a rare turn of events, Google's claim of "later this summer" actually meant it was one week away – or six days, to be exact.

2015-06-04 01.41.112015-06-04 01.52.14

left: old version, right: new version. Note the cardboard symbol next to the timeline

Now, whenever a 360-degree video begins playing, the overlay screen will show the Cardboard logo just to the right of the track bar shortly before the entire overlay fades out.

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HTC Officially Opens Doors At With The OpenSense Framework - Stereoscopic 3D And Pen SDKs Now Serving

The HTC dev site,, announced in early June, opened its doors a few minutes ago to welcome developers from all over the globe into the wonderful world of what HTC is calling OpenSense. OpenSense is a collection of APIs, which currently includes Stereoscopic 3D, Pen, and Common Controls. Developers can download the OpenSense SDK, and view sample code together with handy API docs.

In addition to the OpenSense framework, is also a new home for all HTC kernel source and ROM update downloads, various FAQs, and, probably the most interesting bit - the Bootloader Unlock tool (coming soon).

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