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Misfit Announces Shine 2: The Same Simple Activity Tracker, Thinner, And With A New Vibration Motor And Colored LED Lights

Ever since I tried the Misfit Flash a few months ago, I keep recommending it and its more expensive brother, Shine, to people around me as the best "good enough" activity tracker and platform. The long battery life, the seamless sleep and activity logging, the simple app, and the waterproofing up to 50m, all make it a great solution for those who want to start tracking their health but don't want something that is too involved, too complicated, or too demanding.

Now the company is ready to introduce Shine 2, its second generation tracker which solves a few of the issues of the first one.

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Moto Body Makes Its Way To The Play Store, Provides More Detailed Fitness Stats From Your Moto 360 On Your Phone

Moto 360 owners have been enjoying a Moto Body application on their watch since the Motorola Connect update in November 2014. The app, however, was limited to the confines of the small screen on their wrist, providing daily steps, calories, and activity data, but with no weekly or monthly stats. That changes today with the dedicated Moto Body application that has hit the Play Store.

The app isn't a Motorola exclusive — it is compatible with various brands of Android devices, as long as the phone runs Android 4.3 and up. But it will only install the Wear component on a Moto 360, so you won't be able to use it on other smartwatches.

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Amiigo Review: An Activity And Gym Workout Tracker With Lots Of Potential And Even More Issues

I had my eyes on Amiigo the moment it was mentioned here on Android Police back in January 2013. The promised features seemed like everything I wanted in an all-day sleep and activity tracker, especially with its waterproof design and swimming capability. See, runners and cyclists have it easy: there are dozens if not hundreds of gadgets they have been able to use for the past years to track their workouts. But swimmers, well, let's just say the choice has always been limited and it was even more so in 2013 when you wanted a smart tracker that synced with Android.

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