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Withings is back with the Steel HR Sport, a hybrid smartwatch with advanced multisport tracking

Although its watches don't run Wear OS, we've followed Withings closely for a few reasons. For one, it makes beautiful minimalist watches with some smart fitness tracking features added in (I own an Activité Steel and I love it). The French company has also been in the news a lot due to Nokia acquiring it, turning it into its Digital Health Division, and then selling it back to its co-founder.

The first product to be released since all of that is the Steel HR Sport, another hybrid smartwatch with a small OLED display that can show your phone notifications, fitness data, and alarm settings, but this time it has more advanced activity tracking features.

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Nokia puts its Digital Health business, formerly Withings, under strategic review

Back in 2016, Nokia announced it wanted to acquire French wearables and health company Withings. One year and two months later, in June of 2017, the acquisition and assimilation was complete and Withings became Nokia Health and started releasing some more products, the last of which was Nokia Sleep which was introduced at this year's CES. Now Nokia has announced that it has initiated a strategic review for this Digital Health business.

The division is famous for its Steel and Steel HR hybrid smart watches, which seem to be well loved thanks to their long battery life, as well as its smart scales (I reviewed the original Withings Body Cardio and was left impressed), and caters to both consumers and enterprise partners.

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Huawei's Steel-Clad P8 And Enormous 6.8" P8max Announced For 30 Countries, Not Including The US

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei, which has quietly become the third-largest on the planet, has a new flagship to show off. Two of them, in fact: the 5.2-inch Huawei P8 and the absolutely enormous 6.8-inch P8max. Both have been announced for a launch in "more than 30 countries," including China, Columbia, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, and the United Kingdom. As usual, Huawei doesn't seem interested in selling its high-end offerings in the United States.

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The Sony SmartWatch 3 Will Be Available In A Swanky Stainless Steel Option In February

While Sony's initial Android Wear offering, the SmartWatch 3, is perfectly fine from a technical point of view, one of the words we heard from commenters over and over again was "ugly." Even Ryan Whitwam could only call it "acceptable" in his review. Sony's hoping to fix the lackluster looks of the SmartWatch 3 with a new version clad in a stainless steel body and watch strap. And boy, it's amazing what a little metal can do.

01 SmartWatch3 stainless steel side

White the guts of the steel SmartWatch 3 remain identical to its silicone-clad predecessor, the new steel housing is undeniably slick. It makes the watch look like, well, a watch, and a particularly stylish one at that, accentuating instead of hiding the square screen.

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Upcoming Game 'ShaqDown' Brings Shaq's Career And Mutant Zombies Back From The Dead To Fight Each Other

I'd like to start this piece Peter Jackson style: with a longer-than-necessary flashback to provide background on this story. Back in the 90s, kids were all about two things: basketball and fighting games. We loved Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Space Jam and Shaquille O'Neal. Or so the legends go. As a result, in 1994, some genius marketer aimed to put the two together to create Shaq Fu. It did not fare well. In fact, it was so bad that there is an organization devoted to "liberating it from existence."

Now, 18 years later, the developer of Go Ninja wants to resurrect the...

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