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YouTube For Android TV v1.3.8 Adds Buttons To Manage Subscriptions, Enables Stats For Nerds, And More [APK Download]

Android TV is getting some serious attention this week with updates to just about all of the Google apps, including a few that most of us never hear about. An update to YouTube's set-top variant just came out with a few subtle changes. The latest release fills out the interface a bit to make channel subscriptions slightly easier. There are also some new shortcuts and reorganization for Settings, including a toggle to enable Stats for Nerds mode. And YouTube Red subscribers will finally see a visual change when their subscription status is recognized.

What's New


Home screen – Left: old version. Right: new version.

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[APK Download + Teardown] YouTube 10.08 Adds Stats For Nerds, Prepares To Add Music Track Cross-Fade, 4K And Spherical Search Filters, And More

The folks over at YouTube have had a busy week after launching YouTube For Kids, and then turning on video trimming a few days later. To keep the ball rolling, the YouTube team shipped a brand new update to its primary app last night that finally enables stats for nerds. After examining the apk in a teardown, it turns out that there's also a big improvement to the upcoming audio swapping feature, and it seems there may even be some new search filters on the way.

What's New

Stats For Nerds

The "big" new feature probably isn't going to get too many people excited, but Stats For Nerds is finally live.

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[APK Teardown] YouTube v5.9.0.10 Shows Signs Of Chapter Bookmarks, Stats For Nerds, And Some Crazy Thing Called Warp. Go Leakercats!

A couple of days ago, Google fulfilled its obligation to prevent me from sleeping by releasing a stack of newly updated apps for me to examine. Some of them were pretty straight forward, like the latest version of Android Device Manager, and others turned out to be pretty mind-boggling. That's how the YouTube update turned out. The apk grew by 2 MB, and Google certainly packed in quite a bit, but many of the additions don't make much sense. To be fair, we've already seen Google isn't opposed to throwing in a few pranks of its own, but most of the new code and resources are too elaborate for a simple joke.

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