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SoundCloud Introduces Stations For That Endless Listening Experience

SoundCloud, the free music service particularly favored by independent and grassroots musicians, has finally added 'stations,' a sort of never-ending playlist of related tracks and songs. The feature has been in beta for about a week, and is now hitting the release version of the Android app. While new for SoundCloud, this is something that's been available on most other music streaming services for quite a while. Spotify and Apple Music call it 'radio,' and Play Music has 'instant mixes,' but they are all different names for the same thing.

Creating a station is a simple matter of picking one of your favorite songs and selecting the "Start track station" from the three-dot menu.

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[APK Download] Amazon Prime Music Version 4.4 Adds Streaming Stations With No Ads And Unlimited Skips

Amazon's Prime Music service is demonstrably behind competitors like Spotify and Google Play Music. Maybe that's why it's thrown in with Amazon Prime (which most people get for the shipping discounts) as a freebie. But never let it be said that Amazon rests on its laurels when it comes to new features: the latest update to Prime Music adds streaming music stations, like... well, like just about every other music service at this point.

Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-55-31 Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-56-23 Screenshot_2015-04-08-13-56-43

The new stations are available in version 4.4. It's rolling out in the usual slow Play Store way, but a tipster sent in the APK and we've uploaded it to APKMirror for you to download at your leisure.

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Google Gives Thumbs Up To Official Pandora Glassware

Google's official Glassware selection has a new member today - Pandora. As Carl Edwards explains in a post to the official Pandora blog, the addition of Pandora to the Glassware page of Google's MyGlass interface is the result of Pandora's semi-annual 72-hour hackathon. "It was such a hit," the blog says, "that we decided to show it to Google."

In keeping with Google's UX vision for Glass, the Pandora app is exceedingly simple. Users simply start up a station by indicating a song, artist, or existing station name, and listen. Of course users can also "thumb-up" or "thumb-down" tracks as needed.

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[MWC 2013] ASUS Announces The 1080p, Snapdragon 600 Padfone Infinity And 7" Fonepad

At an afternoon press conference across the street from MWC 2013's enormous venue, ASUS has just wrapped a (hilarious) press conference that saw the introduction of two new devices (or three?) – the Padfone Infinity and the Fonepad. Before we dive in for hands-on, let's take a quick look at the specs and pricing for the devices.


Jonney Shih with the Padfone Infinity

Padfone Infinity

The Padfone Infinity is the tablet/phone combination we were expecting from ASUS today. It's got decent specs, and boasts ASUS' new AOCC "Ubiquitous Cloud" functionality, but has a rather stunning price, pegged at €999.

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[New App] The CW Network Gets Its Own App, Streams Full Episodes Of CW Shows, Completely Legit This Time

Sure, Hulu may still be struggling with supporting even a majority of Android devices, but who needs that mess when the CW has an app? Well, yes, people who want to watch shows by any of the other networks, but now all of the CW's top shows are available on (some of) your phones and tablets in their full-episode glory.

cw1 cw2 cw3

It's not quite the complete library experience we've all been hoping for that some shows occasionally get on Hulu or Netflix, but all of the 12 shows available come with 5 episodes each which, we assume, will be the five most recent episodes unless a show is on hiatus, as is the typical custom with most major streaming sources.

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Motorola XOOM Folio Case With Built-In Keyboard Now Available, Will Set You Back $85

Do you wish your XOOM was an ASUS Transformer - but leather? Motorola's got a new keyboard / leather folio case out for the XOOM, and it's on sale for a pretty reasonable $85. Spiffy. It's unknown if the keyboard is connecting via Bluetooth, but that seems like the most obvious way to go about doing this, as there's no mention of any sort of charging functionality, so we assume it's all done sans wires. You can get it from Verizon here. Oh, and the $85 price tag includes free 2 day shipping. Sounds like a deal to us.


via AndroidMixer

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PSX4Droid Emulator Gets Pulled From The Market - Probably For Trademark Infringement

Engadget is reporting via a number of tipsters that the popular PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid has been pulled from Android market. Google's statement on the issue?

"We remove apps from Android Market that violate our policies."

Well, that's helpful. Actually, upon a short perusal of the US Patent and Trademark Office database, the reason became clear to us: PSX4Droid is infringing on a trademark owned by Sony for the acronym "PSX." This means PSX4Droid probably just needs a name change before being given the green light for republication. Considering the impending release of the Xperia Play, Sony seems to have timed its complaint rather strategically.

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[Rumor] Playstation Phone To Be Called Xperia Play? Trademark Filing Says Maybe

It seems the blogosphere is abuzz with the news that an EU trademark for the name Xperia Play has been awarded to Sony Ericsson, filed the first of the month.

Companies file for trademarks a lot, so we'll see if this name pans out. If it does, it'll quite possibly be the worst marketing decision by Sony Ericsson yet, and may indicate that the Sony mother-ship wants to reserve the Playstation phone name for a later, cooler, probably proprietary-OS device. So, you may actually want this rumor not to be true.

Source: OMHI via Engadget

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