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[Update: Rollout starts today] Roku Channel adds paid subscriptions for Showtime, Starz, and more

The Roku Channel, currently a library of free ad-supported movies and TV shows, will soon grow to include paid subscription services including, most notably, Showtime and Starz. The savvy business move will draw in more channel viewers and likely boost ad revenue, as well as allow the company to play a more active role in the content that runs on its devices. From a user perspective, there are two main benefits: easier, consolidated content searching in one channel, and the ability to pay for multiple subscriptions through one monthly bill.

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Starz is now available on YouTube TV for $9 a month


[Update: Actually 9th] Google Home adds its 7th video streaming service in the US: Starz

Yelling at your Google Home to play a series or movie on your Chromecast-connected TV is one of those First World luxuries that become more and more mundane as you use them. Up until now in the US, you've been able to play YouTube TV, Netflix, CBS All Access, CWTV, HBO Now, and Viki — and now the seventh service is making its way through: Starz.

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The Starz streaming video app now integrates with Spotify, for some reason

Starz, the premium cable channel that offers movies and original series, now works with Spotify, the premium streaming music service. Which is... odd. An updated version of the Starz Android app now includes integrated streaming tracks from Spotify, all of which are either original music or soundtrack selections from those Starz series and movies. Apparently there are "more than 3,500" selections that are at least tangentially related to the Starz catalog.

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ESPN App Comes To Android TV, And So Does Starz (Again)

Sports are more enjoyable on TV than phones and tablets. It's a demonstrable fact. You don't see bars hanging Samsung Galaxy Tabs on walls do you?

It's for this reason that many people will be happy to see ESPN adding support for Android TV. You can see this is the changelog for the ESPN app. Viewers are getting WatchESPN access, with the ability to stream live events.

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Starz Unites Its Streaming Plans Under A Single New App

Starz has long had multiple streaming plans and apps in the Play Store, but the service is refocusing with a single main app for digital and cable subscribers. The Starz Play app is the new hub for Starz content, but now it's just called "Starz." The other apps are still in the Play Store, but for how long is anyone's guess.

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Amazon Prime Customers Get Access To Showtime, Starz, And Other Add-On Subscriptions Through New Streaming Partners Program

Watching TV doesn't mean what it used to. Not only can you choose which streaming services to commit to, but you now have multiple ways to subscribe to them. Amazon is adding another option for the likes of Showtime and Starz via its new Streaming Partners Program.

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Stream Your Favorite STARZ Shows On Android TV With New STARZ Play App (Unless You Are A Comcast Customer)

STARZ may not have as many subscribers as HBO, but the premium cable network has several popular shows with millions of loyal followers. Today, watching these shows got a little easier for Android TV owners as the STARZ Play Android TV app was added to the Playstore. Unlike HBO's Android TV launch, the app is available for all devices out of the gate, both TVs and streaming boxes.

The STARZ Android TV app is much like its regular Android counterpart. Once you sign in with your cable provider's login information you can stream all the content available to STARZ subscribers.

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Google Announces All Sorts Of Chromecast Stuff, Including New Games, Starz And Showtime Support

If you're a Chromecast owner - and let's be honest here, you probably are - then you'll be pleased to know Google is moving to make this little streaming stick even more versatile. With everyone getting together for the upcoming holidays, it's not only getting a couple of new movie channels, but also a handful of additional games:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Monopoly Dash
  • Scrabble Blitz
  • Connect Four
  • Simon Swipe
  • Just Dance Now
  • Big Web Quiz
  • Emoji Party

Most of these titles make perfect sense for something like Chromecast - they're simple enough to run on its limited hardware and interface, and still fun enough to be entertaining.

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Starz Releases Trio Of Video Streaming Apps: STARZ Play, ENCORE Play, and MOVIEPLEX Play

Are you tired of seeing Starz on your television screen? Do you want to watch Starz as you sit on your back porch? Wouldn't it be great to have your favorite Starz content available on the go? If you feel this way, thank your lucky Starz, because the Play Store has just been hit by a trio of video streaming apps that allow you to see Starz wherever your heart desires.

The Starz trio includes STARZ Play ...

StarzPlay1 StarzPlay2 StarzPlay3

ENCORE Play...

EncorePlay1 EncorePlay2 EncorePlay3


MovieplexPlay1 MovieplexPlay2 MovieplexPlay3

As you've probably noticed, the interface is largely consistent across the three apps.

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