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Starbucks delivers grande-sized security upgrade by adding a shot of 2FA

Securely managing the payment information of millions of users is a massive responsibility—one that many retailers, unfortunately, seem unable to handle. Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your accounts is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your data safe. The latest update to the Starbucks mobile app finally brings this extra layer of security to the nation's most popular mobile payments platform.

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Starbucks v5 brings easier payments and improved navigation

The United States' most popular mobile payments platform, Starbucks, has always been useful for those who frequent the chain. With this week's update v5, though, it's getting considerably nicer to use, with easier access to the barcode screen and the ability to remember your order as you navigate the app.

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You can now use Google Pay to top up your Starbucks Card in-app


Starbucks beats out Apple, Google, and Samsung for most popular mobile payments platform

The Starbucks app allows customers to pay for their caffeine fix and earn rewards points for subsequent coffee runs without using cash or a card. It only works at Starbucks, obviously. Despite the fact that payments through Google Pay and Apple Pay are now accepted at more than half of US merchants (and more than 80 percent take Samsung Pay), the Starbucks app is currently the most popular mobile payments platform—and it's projected to stay that way.

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Google Assistant gets food pick-up and delivery service

The Google Assistant is all about making our lives easier, and a new food pick-up and delivery service is one more way it hopes to do this. Director of Product Management Lilian Rincon took to the stage at Google I/O 2018 to walk us through some new ways we can interact with the Assistant, and as part of the demo she ordered "her usual" from a Starbucks store nearby.

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Starbucks for Android now has fingerprint support

Those that frequent the land of French roasts and baristas to get their caffeine fix can now save a few extra seconds each day. The Starbucks app for Android was just updated, and among the recent changes is fingerprint support. So the next time you log in or reload your balance, it could be as easy as a single tap.

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Mercifully, Starbucks app now lets you save your favorite drinks

The Starbucks app is one that has proven both an immense convenience and a mild frustration to fans of the Seattle-based coffee conglomerate. On the one hand, it makes the act of actually ordering and retrieving your precious, caffeinated concoction a hell of a lot easier, especially during rush hours at stores, as well as lowering the likelihood anything but your fingers will screw the order up. At the same time, the app itself is... not fantastic.

Navigation is slow and clunky, often requiring many taps and a lot of scrolling just to get to the same drink you've ordered the last eight times.

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Starbucks Pokémon GO promotion begins, with 7800 new stops and gyms in the US

Developer Niantic has begun to unlock the full partner potential of the Pokémon GO augmented reality game. Just yesterday a partnership between the game and Sprint retail stores was announced, teasing new in-game locations corresponding to Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Radio Shack stores. That rollout doesn't technically begin until December 12th, but the previously-leaked Starbucks promotion should be live right now, turning 7800 coffee shops in the US into new Pokestops and Pokémon Gyms.

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Starbucks promotion leak suggests a big Pokémon GO update scheduled for this week

The potential for retail partnerships with Niantic's Pokémon GO mobile game is built right into its central hook - players travel to real-world locations to catch monsters and collect items, so why not steer them to participating stores or restaurants for a little synergistic profiteering? Ubiquitous coffee house Starbucks seems to be the first business taking Niantic up on a partnership. Internal documents detailing an upcoming promotion for employees, designated for US stores but leaked by Eurogamer, offers some sweet details for players and coffee fans alike.

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[Deal Alert] Get $10 of free Starbucks credit when you add $10 to the app via Visa Checkout [Updated]

Dear Starbucks: thank you for existing. Not for your overpriced smoothie-coffee or your approachable yuppie atmosphere. No, thank you for being a Wi-Fi-soaked escape from my rural family's home during the holidays - T-Mobile service is still crappy out there. And while I'm extending some holiday thanks, I might as well give a shout-out to Visa, which is giving Starbucks customers $10 of free credit via the Starbucks app. That's approximately 2.5 Frappuccinos.

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