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You can watch every episode of Star Trek ever for free for two months (Updated)

If you've run out of stuff to watch on Netflix while you're "working" from home, you're in luck. Patrick Stewart — real-life Picard — has announced that CBS All Access is offering a free month of service for anyone who signs up by April 23 and uses promo code GIFT.

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[Qapla!] Duolingo's Klingon course is live, but only on the web for now

I have a fascination with languages and accents, and even though I never watched Star Trek (ducks), I find the guttural spit-inducing pronunciation of Klingon ridiculously awesome. I wouldn't, however, ever think of learning it: 3.5 languages are nice enough for me now. But for those of you who are excited about learning a language that not many people can speak, there's a Duolingo course for that.

Klingon has been promised by Duolingo for months - it was said to be coming at the end of last September. Instead, the course has just officially launched though it's only available on the web for now.

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CBS All Access to launch in Canada next year, with more countries to follow

The TV landscape has shifted an enormous amount in the past decade. We've gone from requiring a TV subscription to watch almost any new show, to centralizing everything on services like Netflix, to every major TV network creating their own subscription service. CBS launched its 'All Access' site in 2014, allowing users to stream content the day after it airs, and the company is looking to expand it outside the United States.

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[Deal Alert] Asus OnHub Wireless-AC 1900 Router marked down to $130 ($70 off MSRP) as an Amazon Gold Box daily deal

Google's OnHub devices would like to change the way you look at and interact with routers. They are designed to be simple to use, attractive, and intelligent. That's nice, since most routers are fairly complicated for the technically challenged and their blinking lights and protruding antennas make them look like tiny, ugly, Romulan mining vessels (most people would think of this as a negative, but I'm not so sure about the AP crowd).

If you've been interested in trying out an OnHub router for a while, but have been waiting for the right deal to pop up, then now is your time to flash some plastic and buy one.

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[Engage] Star Trek Timelines Drops Out Of Warp In The Play Store

We covered the development of Disruptor Beam's Star Trek Timelines mobile game last year when they released a video intro hosted by none other than Q (John De Lancie). That game is finally available in the Play Store, and it's free. Well, free-ish. There are a boatload of in-app purchases, which is funny when you consider they don't even have money in the 24th century.

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Swype Updated To v2.0 With Improved Auto-Correct, Emoji Keyboard, And A Theme Store Featuring Star Trek

If you've been using Android for long enough, you might remember the days when the only swiping keyboard in existence was Swype, and you had to sign up for a weird private beta program to use it. Well, it's been in the Play Store for a few years now, and it's getting a big v2.0 update today. It's going where no man has gone before.

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Disruptor Beam (And Special Guest Q) Shows Off More Details On The Upcoming Star Trek: Timelines Mobile Game

Star Trek fans who want to play video games based on their favorite franchise are constantly frustrated. Trek games are few and far between, and they seem to range from terrible (like the recent Faux Trek game for consoles from back in 2013), to promising but ultimately destroyed (like Star Trek Online), to blatant, lazy cash-grabs (like Star Trek Trexels). Is it really possible that there's a decent Star Trek game on the horizon? Signs point to "maybe."

Disruptor Beam, the developer behind the Game of Thrones Ascent mobile game, is switching from fantasy to sci-fi. The upcoming Star Trek: Timelines is a game that mixes all of the original Trek franchises in a big continuity-warping time bubble.

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Dropbox Adds Collaborative Comments In Version 3.0.1, But Nobody Cares Because Now It Does Native GIF Viewing

In the latest version, Dropbox adds a much-needed favor for collaborative teams and users who rely on effective communication across updated files. But who gives a crap about that, because the app has also added GIF support.


Version 3.0.1 lets you view animated GIFs right in Dropbox without popping out to an external app. That should be useful for... OK, it's not particularly useful for anything, except that one time that you need to instantly distinguish between the original and reverse of that one dog image when you attend a GIF party via your tablet. But now you can totally do that!

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A Screen-Accurate Bluetooth Version Of The Star Trek Communicator Goes On Sale In January For $150

Ever since the Motorola StarTAC, the loose association between cell phones and the original Star Trek TV series has been painfully obvious. If you want to show your love for America's most iconic piece of science fiction (back off, Star Wars nerds, don't make me bring up midichlorians), you'll soon be able to buy a screen-accurate and officially licensed version of the cell phone's spiritual progenitor. The Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth handset, Starfleet standard issue, will go on sale on January first.


There have been plenty of fan-made Bluetooth versions of the Communicator, mostly based off of toys or one-of-a-kind creations for cosplay.

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Start Saving Your Latinum: Star Trek Trexels Turns The Final Frontier Into A Pixelated Free-To-Play Management Game

Space: the final frontier. Wait, no, that's not right - there's no such thing as a "final" frontier, because there's nothing else, so it can't be a frontier to nothing. Let me start again.

Space: it's really really big, and also pretty empty, and bored humans like to tell stories about all the weird things that might fill it up. So it is that Star Trek, among other things, was born. But the first official Star Trek game released for Android isn't all that interested in seeking out new life or new civilizations - it's harkening back to an 8-bit past that does not in fact exist for the storied franchise, and trying to suck as much gold-pressed latinum out of you as possible while it does so.

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