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The next wireless standard is officially "5G," and it has a logo

The next standard for wireless connectivity has been in development by the 3GPP cellular standards group for some time now, and won't be ready for a while yet - at least not until 2018. But now the group has officially adopted "5G" as the name going forward, and created the above logo for it.

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Qi Wireless Power Spec Update Adds 15-Watt Charging (And Hopefully It Won't Melt Your Phone)

When it comes to fancy ways to charge your fancy smartphone, the latest devices generally have two tricks up their sleeve: wireless charging and quick charging. The people behind the Qi wireless charging standard are hoping to have the best of both worlds. Today the Wireless Power Consortium (which includes members like Texas Instruments, Huawei, Nokia, Philips, and Logitech) announced that the latest version of the specification will support charging at a rate of up to 15 watts.


That's a very specific number, and if it sounds familiar, it should: 15 watts is the most common maximum input for the new quick charging standards in their various copyrighted incarnations, from Qualcomm, Samsung, ASUS, et cetera.

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MHL Consortium Announces SuperMHL Standard With New Cable Design And 8K Video Support

In recent years the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard hasn't been nearly as ubiquitous as it once was - some manufacturers have switched to other hardware solutions like MicroHDMI ports, some have abandoned hardware video output altogether, and plenty of users have moved on to wireless streaming of one sort or another. But the MHL consortium is hoping to reinvigorate the standard with new hardware and new capabilities. Meet SuperMHL: it's over 8000.


8000 lines of resolution, that is. Anandtech reports that the new SuperMHL standard and cable can handle a maximum resolution of 8K (somewhere between 7680 × 4320 and 10080 × 4320, depending on your screen) at 120 frames per second in its 6-lane cable configuration.

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[IFA 2013] HDMI 2.0 Specification Revealed: 18Gbps Data Bandwidth, 4K Resolution At 60Hz, Backwards-Compatible With Category 2 Cables

The phones and tablets are about to start falling from the sky like rain at the IFA trade show in Berlin, but before we get to the juicy mobile hardware let's talk about something really exciting: cables. It's finally time for HDMI to get a major revision after the 1.4 spec from 2009, and the 2.0 release of HDMI adds some necessary enhancements to its bullet list.

Most notable among the new additions is support for 4K or "UltraHD" at up to 60hz. The 1.4 spec supported 4K, but only up to 24hz, which is the standard for movies and television; 60hz should be much more comfy for extended game sessions.

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MHL 3.0 Standard Revealed: 4K Resolution Output, Multiple Displays, Touchscreen Support, And More

Android manufacturers have been using the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard since 2011. While most Android device owners are blissfully unaware that their gadgets can output HDMI (among other things) via a nifty little adapter, power users treasure MHL as an easy way to expand functionality. Today the MHL LLC announced the 3.0 revision of the standard, including a ton of new goodies.

First of all, MHL 3.0 will support video output of up to 4K (or "Ultra HD," usually 3840 × 2160 pixels) resolution. That should be a big plus for those who can afford the early crop of 4K televisions and monitors, even if there's a definite lack of content that actually takes advantage of it.

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CoPilot Introduces CoPilot Live USA v9 Android Apps For The U.S. With Offline Navigation, 40-66% Off Until July 3rd

CoPilot, a popular navigation and mapping company, released Live USA Standard and Premium v9 offline navigation apps to the Android Market on Monday, June 27th. While most people immediately think and resort to using Google Maps, CoPilot apps could come in quite handy for those without data plans (such as phones disconnected from service or Wi-Fi only) or in areas of poor data reception (I felt the need for something like this just this past weekend on a trip to a remote lake).

During the promotional period this week (until Sunday, July 3rd), the Premium version that usually costs $29.99 is going for $9.99 and the Standard version which is usually $4.99 is on sale for $2.99.

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