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The OnePlus 3 and 3T receive OxygenOS 4.0 (Nougat) today

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I was wrong. When I received nothing but another beta build a few days ago on my OnePlus 3, I was highly skeptical about OnePlus making its goal of getting Nougat out on the stable channel for its flagship devices by the end of 2016. Well, here we are in the final hours of the year and the notorious manufacturer has come through. Both the OnePlus 3 and 3T are receiving OxygenOS 4.0, i.e. Nougat, via a staged rollout starting today.

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Developers Can Now 'Halt' A Staged Rollout To Minimize The Fallout Of A Bad Update

For an app developer, there's nothing worse than finding out your latest update is catastrophically flawed and blowing up for your users. This is the reason Google introduced the alpha and beta channels, and then added staged rollouts. These features give developers a way to steadily release new versions into the wild, discover their bugs, and fix them before a wide release. However, all of this still relies on treating some of your users as guinea pigs. If you'd like to keep them around, it's best to minimize the fallout of a bad release as soon as it's discovered. To make things a little easier, Google has added a new button to the Developer Console that stops a staged rollout immediately.

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[APK Teardown + Download] Google Play Services 4.2 Refines Play Games, Adds Cast API, Signs Of Auth Enhancements

Today, Google finally opened the Chromecast up to developers in a meaningful way, releasing the Google Cast SDK and integrating the relevant Android API into Google Play Services, the ever-growing backbone of Google's Android-based offerings. The update has already begun its rollout. Of course, that means we're going to look inside and see what's new, and we've also got a download for those who just can't wait for Play Services 4.2 to hit their device.


Google Cast

The headlining feature of today's update, as mentioned, was the integration of the Google Cast API. As you'd expect, the new Play Services is full of strings relevant to casting, media routes, and devices.

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