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Stadia's free tier will be available to Pro subscribers when their trials end

In a recent interview between Protocol and Google executive Phil Harrison, it was revealed that Stadia's free tier will launch "over the next few months," which certainly sounds like acknowledgement it will come well after the late-February timeline many people had anticipated. While this is a letdown for anybody looking to test the waters without forking over for an early access kit, it also brought up bigger concerns for many current members that didn't intend to maintain Pro subscriptions after the 3-month trial ended. Fortunately, we now know a bit more about what will happen for those players that already made game purchases, and they basically have nothing to worry about.

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Google Stadia gifts bonus Buddy Pass to Founder's Edition owners

Google's game-streaming service Stadia launched amid worries about its viability, but we've been impressed with it so far. The Founder's Edition originally shipped with a single 3-month Buddy Pass so players could invite friends to join their multiplayer escapades. Now, Stadia is attempting to reel in more users by giving Founder buyers an extra Buddy Pass for the holidays.

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Stadia Buddy Pass is rolling out, giving a friend of yours 3 months of free Pro service

Google's Stadia release seems rushed, as many advertised features like family sharing, a UI for achievements, and the ability to use existing Chromecast Ultras for game streaming are still missing. At least the company is keeping one promise it had made to appease customers during the hectic launch: Buddy Passes are currently rolling out to people who purchased the Stadia Founder's Edition.

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