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The best deals on VPNs right now

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs for short, are incredibly useful. They're even more useful when you're stuck at home, as you can access the internet from different parts of the world without leaving your couch. Want to watch a Netflix series that isn't available in your country or keep your ISP from snooping? You can do those and more with the right VPN.

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VPNSecure Delivers a Lifetime of Safe Online Browsing for Under $35 [Sponsored Deal]

Note: The following post was written by our sponsor, StackSocial.

There's no question that in 2018 online private data can be easily intercepted by hackers. Case in point, the hacking group that recently hit Atlanta with a massive ransomware attack and is now threatening to wipe its government data clean, lest they pay a hefty sum.

Combine this with the fact that net neutrality is currently being fought over in court, and it's clear that users should do their part to make sure they're browsing the web as safely as they possibly can. To this end, one of the simplest approaches is to always surf with the protection of a VPN, or virtual private network.

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Learn how to build over 20 different apps for Android Oreo for less than $15 [Sponsored Deal]

Note: The following post was written by our sponsor, StackSocial.

Last year, Google released their latest OS Android Oreo. As with any constantly updating interface, developers building apps for the Android O environment need to be fully up to speed on all the new features and changes it represents.

This crash course aims to train complete noobs in the latest release of the Android platform. You’ll get lifetime access to over 35 hours of content. So you can walk through the process of creating real apps, like Uber and Twitter, as often as you want. All the lessons are project-based, too.

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Zoolz Cloud Storage nets you 2TB of cloud backup for life—and it's on sale for less than $50 [Sponsored Deal]

Note: The following post was written by our sponsor, StackSocial.

When you think of cloud storage, Dropbox and OneDrive are probably the first of a host of services that come to mind. Next, are the exorbitant rates these solutions charge to handle your information, while not giving you much flexibility with the space you're given. That said, it's no wonder why many prefer hard storage options off the cloud or just stick to the free cloud plans that give out a few gigabytes here and there but can't possibly back up all of our sensitive files.

However, that's not to say we're doomed to play roulette with our precious data. 

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This top-rated VPN will keep you from getting hacked — and it’s 92% off [Sponsored Deal]

Note: The following post was written by our sponsor, StackSocial.

It's no secret that with cybercrime on the rise, protecting your online data with a VPN is essential. But the question remains: which VPNs are reliable and which VPNs are scams barely worth a free download?

If you've done any basic research, you've most likely come across Windscribe VPN, a relatively new provider out of Canada that has made its rounds amongst trusted reviewers and sites like PCWorld (which gave it 4/5 stars). Known for its outstanding Android app, Windscribe has made a splash with its free and pro versions — but the pro version is touted as well worth the price due to its unlimited data limits and simultaneous connections.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Lifetime ProXPN Premium VPN License With No Restrictions On Torrent Traffic For $39

Hey, you don't have to explain to me why you want a VPN account. In an age where people are increasingly concerned about what companies do with their data, being compromised by hackers, and government surveillance, I'm not going to give you a hard time for wanting your privacy. Huh? You just want to torrent some stuff? Oh, well, whatever, sure, yeah, you can do that too.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Lifetime Subscription To TigerVPN For Just $29, Android Support And Access To Endpoints In 15 Locations Included

Concerns about privacy online are only growing nowadays. You might be interested in avoiding the NSA, advertising agencies, your ISP, hackers, or whatever is going on at that free hotspot you just connected to. A popular and powerful method of doing this is using a VPN, which both changes your visible IP address (like a proxy) and encrypts all your web traffic to keep prying eyes away (unlike a proxy).

TigerVPN in conjunction with StackSocial is now offering a lifetime subscription to their "lite" VPN service for only $29, less than a one-year price for most competitors.

Your money earns you perpetual access to connections in 15 different locations, giving you a variety of options depending on your specific needs.

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[Deal Alert] Soundfreaq Sound Kick Half Off On StackSocial - Only $50

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick might be a few years old now (we reviewed it back in 2012), but it is still one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. No, it doesn't have some of the features newer speakers have, like NFC, MicroUSB charging, or apt-X. That being said, it does have the one feature essential to make any portable speaker worth purchasing – great sound. The Sound Kick's unique pop-out resonance chamber gives it much deeper bass than one might expect from a speaker this size and audio is clear and distortion free even at high volumes.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Pre-Owned Nexus 5 With 1 Year Of FreedomPop Data (Including 500MB LTE Per Month) For $200 On StackSocial

Over a year later, the Nexus 5 remains a great device. I love mine, and I have no desire to move on to the Nexus 6. The phone is increasingly difficult to find these days, so if you want one, listen up. You can currently get a pre-owned 16GB model on StackSocial for $200. This is a significant discount from the gadget's original $349.99.

Screenshot 2015-04-30 at 6.16.41 PM

What may or may not make this deal more compelling is the inclusion of free FreedomPop service. You get one full year of unlimited talk/text and 500MB of LTE a month. The MVNO operates on Sprint's network, so if that's feasible in your area, this offer is looking to save you significantly more than around a hundred bucks.

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[Deal Alert] Get A 4-Year ibVPN Subscription For $60, With P2P Allowed And Servers In 39 countries

VPNs are for those of you who really want to maintain online privacy, as it can prevent your ISP and others from keeping tabs on your activity and confuse others seeking authorized access to your network. They're also great for getting access to services that aren't available in your country or signing into blocked social networks.

Feature-rich subscriptions don't come cheap, but on StackSocial you can currently get four years of ibVPN for a mere $59. Considering the company's Total VPN package comes with a $69.95 annual fee, this is a savings of hundreds of dollars.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 12.07.43 PM

The subscription gets you access to over 75 VPN servers spread across 39 countries.

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