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Google Celebrates St. Patrick's Day With A Few Hangouts Easter Eggs

In what is becoming a tradition of sorts, Google is not letting an American holiday go by without a corresponding Hangouts Easter egg. When messages contain certain trigger words, users are greeted with corresponding animations to add a little spice to the conversation. Since their debut, we've seen the animated emoji people bring in the new year and celebrate Valentine's Day. Add St. Patrick's Day to the list! I've spotted three different versions so far.

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Looks About Right: St. Patrick's Day Through Google Glass [Video]

You don't really need my commentary for this one. Just kick back for 2 minutes, watch, and see if this humorous take on Google Glass by stuntbear cracks a smile on your face. These will never get old.

Warning: As you've already probably guessed, some interesting language some might call French indeed found its way into the video. Consider using your headphones if watching at work.

Source: Youtube

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Ad-Free Angry Birds Seasons Free Today At The Amazon Appstore

One of the most popular Android games, Angry Birds Seasons, by everyone's favorite developer Rovio Mobile went on a 1-day sale today as the free premium app of the day over at the Amazon Appstore. The only difference between the already-free version of the same name and this one is the absence of those annoying ads that pop up in the most ridiculous locations at the most inopportune times.

To grab Angry Birds Seasons that currently consists of 4 editions (St Patrick's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day), proceed to the Angry Birds Season Appstore page.

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