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JuiceSSH gets its first update in nearly three years, complete with Android 10 and dark mode support

There are more than a few Android applications for connecting to remote servers/PCs over the SSH protocol. Even though JuiceSSH has gone nearly three years without a single update, and even longer since the last major upgrade, it has remained a popular choice with many. Thankfully, JuiceSSH 3.0 is now rolling out with several key improvements.

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ConnectBot SSH client gets its first update since 2015, adds Material Design UI and other features

SSH clients are commonly used for connecting to remote Linux/Mac computers, and there are a few good choices for Android. While JuiceSSH is more feature-packed, ConnectBot has always been fast and functional enough for my needs. ConnectBot has just been updated for the first time since 2015, and it brings some much-needed changes.

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JuiceSSH 2.0 Update Brings Big UI Overhaul, Transparent System Bars, PIN Unlock, And More

JuiceSSH has hit the big 2.0, and to celebrate this occasion, developer Sonelli packed in a few extra changes and perks to get this party pumpin' (okay, that's probably not exactly the way the developmental process progressed, but this version of events just sounds juicier). This release brings in a vibrant UI redesign, one that gives terminal users transparent system bars. Folks can switch the color of this new layout by changing the theme, which they no longer need to be a pro user to do.

Functionally, the biggest change is perhaps the ability to use a PIN to protect your host list and SSH sessions instead of a lengthy password.

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JuiceSSH Hits 500,000 Users, Celebrates By Giving Away Free Pro Pack Upgrades Until March 18th

Come on everybody, give a big round of applause to the guys behind JuiceSSH for hitting 500k installs! To celebrate the accomplishment, they're giving away free upgrades to the Pro pack for anybody that signs up before March 18th. There's no expiration date and all you have to do is enter the Google account you want to have registered.

2014-03-15 11_50_51-JuiceSSH - Free SSH client for Android

In case you're not familiar with JuiceSSH, it's a terminal (command line) client capable of opening secure connections to remote computers. SSH (Secure Shell) is often used for managing servers, making it an invaluable tool to system administrators, programmers, the occasional hacker, and anybody else in the IT crowd.

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Script Kitty Automates Execution Of Scripts On Remote Servers Through SSH, Belongs In Every Admin's Toolbox [Hands-On]

Script Kitty has actually been around for a while, but after receiving its 2.0 update last week, it's now a serious contender for one of those must-have apps (at least for anyone with an ssh-enabled server). I downloaded and set it up in a matter of a few minutes (including generating an RSA key for key-based auth and adding said key to a few Linux servers), and now have a stupid easy way of doing certain things very quickly without having to even resort to ConnectBot.


What is Script Kitty?

Here's the gist: if you have repetitive tasks, such as checking available disk space or quickly restarting apache on all your servers, Script Kitty is the app for the job.

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[Nerdgasm] AirTerm Is A Floating Terminal From The Creator Of OverSkeen And AirCalc

If you like to spend your free time hacking around on your Android device, you've no doubt felt the sting of switching back and forth from the terminal. Now with AirTerm you can leave the terminal floating on top of whatever you're doing. This app comes from the same folks that brought you OverSkeen and AirCalc.

unnamed (1) unnamed

This is a true floating window that you can move, resize, and minimize while you work. You can run multiple instances of AirTerm on the screen, and the interface is tabbed for easier management. AirTerm can also install busybox, ssh, vim, rsync, and more on your device if they're not already present.

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