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Samsung T7 Touch portable SSD gets faster and more secure with fingerprint scanner

Samsung’s T series of external SSDs have made a name for themselves owing to the compact, pocketable design and the USB-C interface. The last-gen T5 wasn’t the fastest SSD around with transfer speeds topping at 540MB/s, but its rather uncompromising overall package garnered general approval. Its follow-up—the T7 Touch—debuted at this year’s CES sporting a fancy fingerprint reader for hardware-based security and, of course, faster transfer rates.

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[Who Needs The Cloud] Samsung Begins Mass Production Of 256GB UFS Chips For Mobile Devices

Samsung just announced that it has begun mass manufacturing of the industry's first 256GB Universal Flash Storage chips for high-end mobile devices. The new memory is nearly twice as fast as typical SATA-based SSDs found in PCs. Using two lanes of data transfer, the new chip can move data at up to a blistering 850MB per second.

Sequential writing speeds clock in at a rate of up to 260MB a second, or about three times faster than high-performance external SD cards. What this translates to is buttery-smooth frame rates when the chip is tasked with the playback of Ultra HD video files, even while simultaneously multitasking in a split screen.

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[1-Day Deal Alert] Amazon Gold Box SanDisk Storage Sale: 32GB Ultra MicroSD For $21.49, 64GB For $42.99, And More SD And SSD Deals

It's that time again, boys and girls: Amazon is having another massive Gold Box sale on SanDisk-brand memory cards and other storage mediums. Specifically for mobile devices, the SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD (SDHC) card with a free card reader is just $21.99, a savings of 69% off the retail price. The 64GB (SDXC) version of the same card is $42.99, 57% off the retail price of a hundred bucks. Both are currently in stock and qualify for Amazon Prime free shipping. The deals are valid for today, Monday, June 3rd only.


If you've got a more versatile device (or just need some storage for your camera), the SanDisk Extreme SD cards are also on sale.

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[1-Day Deal Alert] MicroSD Cards, SD Cards, CF, And More Are All A Part Of Today's Gold Box Deal At Amazon

If you're in the market for more storage - be it full-size SD cards, microSD cards, and CompactFlash - today's the day to get the most bang for your buck. Amazon's Gold Box Deal is chock-full of good buys:


As you can see, these aren't random generic memory cards, they're SanDisk Ultra Class 10 SDs and Extreme CFs - so they should be pretty speedy.

Unlike the last storage-centric Gold Box Deal, however, there's only one SSD this go around, and it's unfortunately a paltry 32GB model. If you're looking for a system-only drive, though, it may fit the bill just fine.

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[1-Day Deal Alert] Insane Amazon Gold Box Deals On SanDisk SSD, SD, MicroSD, And USB Flash Memory

If you're looking for flash-based storage to beef up those ever-hungry gadgets of yours, today is the day to go shopping on Amazon. If you think the Father's Day SanDisk Gold Box sale on Amazon had good deals, wait till you see what Amazon and SanDisk stuffed into the Gold Box today. The selection is slightly slimmer compared to last time, but to make up for that, the prices are way sweeter.


Here's what's on the one-day sale in the Gold Box:

  • MicroSD
  • SSD
  • SD
  • USB
  • A lot of these will probably sell out quickly - try to stock up before they do.

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    [1-Day Deal Alert] Fantastic Father's Day Amazon Gold Box Deals On SanDisk MicroSD, SD, CF Memory And SSD Drives

    Once in a while Amazon throws a sale we can't miss, and today's SanDisk memory blowout as part of the Gold Box deals is a perfect example of just that.

    We have fast SanDisk MicroSD "Ultra" cards ranging from 16GB ($18.99) to 64GB ($59.99) at lowest prices ever for these cards according to all the price checks I've run. The 32GB MicroSD is in the sweet spot of $27.99. Remember, these are not Class 2 or Class 4 - they're high quality Class 6 and Class 10 cards rated for 30MB/s transfer speeds and Full HD video recording.


    If MicroSD is not your cup of tea, you will also be able to pick up:

    • CF/CF-Pro cards from 8GB to 128GB,
    • regular SDHC/SDHC-Pro 8GB to 128GB SDXC UHS-I (that's a whole lot of space),
    • USB flash drives in 32GB or 64GB capacities,
    • and last but not least, 6Gbps "Extreme" SSDs ranging from 120GB ($99.99) all the way up to 480GB ($379.99), bearing a pretty spotless 4.8-star rating and looking absolutely fantastic.
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