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Allstate acquires iCracked, could bring on-site repairs to SquareTrade

SquareTrade, a company owned by Allstate Corporation, is well known for offering device repair services and extended warranties. SquareTrade requires customers to send their devices to off-site facilities to get repaired, but a new acquisition could change that.

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A Detailed Guide To Phone Insurance In The US: Who Has The Best Coverage, And Is It Even Worth It?

Phone insurance isn't an exciting topic. But it is a topic a lot of people have questions about, particularly when it comes to two things: who's the best, and is phone insurance actually a good investment? As you'll see, those questions don't really have an easy answer. But I'm going to break down a few of the US's most popular insurers, alternatives (like your homeowners policy), and explore whether phone insurance is even actually a good idea given your individual needs.



Asurion is an extremely popular phone insurer, but most Asurion policyholders may not even know they're with the company, which does not actually sell insurance directly to consumers.

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