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Square’s Cash App testing short-term loans of up to $200

Cash App, Square's mobile payment app, is currently experimenting with short-term loans of up to $200. Given the state of the economy right now, this might come in handy for some. That said, the interest rates start stacking up pretty quickly if not paid off after a month.

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Square Invoices arrives to create, customize, and distribute ... well, you can guess what


Google Keep 5.0.251 brings grids and lines to drawing notes [APK Download]

Slowly but surely, Google Keep is adding more features that bring it closer to the powerful note-taking application we all want it to be. A recent change made it possible to indent items in lists, and another note form is getting a small update now. If you like drawing or using handwriting for your notes, you can now replace the white background with grids or lines to improve your accuracy.

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Square Introduces Android Register API To Integrate Mobile Payments With Other Apps

Square, the company that makes those little headphone jack credit card readers, would like you to use their services more. Of course they would - that's kind of the whole point of commerce. But at the moment merchants using Square are limited to the dedicated Square app, which by default is a sort of digital cash register. The company is hoping to expand itself a bit with its latest API, which allows developers to integrate Square payments into their independent Android apps.

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Square Introduces Cash Drawer To Store Your Money Between Transactions

There are many ways to send money to a friend using your phone. PayPal, Venmo, Facebook, Google. Not long ago, Square introduced Cash as its own personal method for you to take money that's in your bank account and stick it in another's. Now the company is introducing a feature that lets you set aside money specifically for this purpose.

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Square's New NFC Payment Reader Supports Android Pay, And Over 100 Merchants Are Getting Them Starting Today

Square's square readers go into a phone or tablet's headphone jack and let the device accept payments from a credit card. Its original model, anyway. The company has a new one that's rolling out to over 100 small business owners across the US starting today.

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Square Enix Ports The PSP Remake Of Fan Favorite 'Final Fantasy Tactics' To Android For $13.99

Final Fantasy Tactics was an oddball when it was first released for the PlayStation in 1997 - ostensibly a member of the never-repeating (at the time) Final Fantasy series, the game broke from the familiar turn-based battles with a new isometric system that put a huge emphasis on tactical positioning and strategic use of classes and attack ranges. While FFT never got the attention of the standard numbered RPGs in the series, it became a sleeper hit, and the original was kept alive with a few sequels and remakes. It remains a popular game for PS1 emulators.

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You won't need an emulator to play Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, at least not anymore.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of May 2015

The biggest Android gaming news of the month was certainly the release of NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV, and it brought with it quite a few high-profile PC ports. But since the vast majority of readers don't have one, I've decided to restrict this month's top picks to more general smartphone and tablet games. Fear not, SHIELD early adopters: you get your own picks down there below the honorable mention section.


Grim Fandango Remastered

Android Police coverage: Double Fine Productions Brings Grim Fandango Remastered To Android, On Sale For Launch At $9.99

Grim Fandango is widely considered one of the best point-and-click adventure games ever made, and now it can be had on Android for the hefty sum of ten bucks.

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[For Developers] LeakCanary By Square Is A Low-Effort Library For Easily Tracking Down Memory Leaks In Android Apps

Writing great, high-quality software is hard work. No matter how well we know a platform or how long we spend on code, there are bound to be bugs. Memory leaks are among the most common problems, and they can be particularly disruptive on mobile devices. Square set out to make memory leaks easier to track down and fix with a new library called LeakCanary. It makes leak detection almost automatic and presents results in both logcat and an easy-to-read interface.


LeakCanary is designed to be as easy to use as possible. For most applications, it should only require a few additional lines in the app's build.gradle

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[Bonus Round] Must Deliver, Brutus & Futée, The 7th Guest, And Masters Of The Masks

Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got an endless runner with shooter elements, a unique adventure game, another unique adventure game (but an old one this time), and Square's latest IAP-filled role-player. Without further ado:


Must Deliver

Must Deliver is a mix of old-school, top-down shooters and modern endless runners.

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