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Put your chef hat on, Square Enix's 'Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen' is ready to be served

All of you foodie fans out there may want to take a look at Square Enix's newest game released onto the Play Store today. It is titled Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen, and it delivers an anime themed food assembly puzzle game with a light side serving of town building mechanics.

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Square Enix releases classic games mash-up Arkanoid vs Space Invaders

What happens when you take an iconic Breakout-style block-breaker and collide it with a classic alien shooter? Arkanoid vs Space Invaders is what, and Square Enix has just released the game on the Play Store. Both retro games were arcade champions of their time, with Space Invaders hitting machines in the late 1970s and Arkanoid coming later in the mid-1980s. Both are sure to have a great deal of loyal, nostalgic fans who may find this mashup of interest.

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Tomb Raider, the reboot originally released in 2013, is now available natively on the SHIELD TV

Lara Croft has been raiding tombs, pillaging pyramids, gutting graveyards, burgling burial chambers, robbing resting places, and knocking over necropoli for over twenty years now. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can play the original action-adventure PC game, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, on just about any Android phone. But if you'd like a more recent and fresh take on the series, there's the 2013 reboot-slash-prequel. Originally released on the PC, PS3, and Xbox One, it's the latest full console game that NVIDIA has coaxed into working on its SHIELD TV powerhouse. It's available now on the Play Store for $15. Note that this is a local, native Android game, not a streaming release on GeForce NOW (though the game is also available in that format).

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[Deal Alert] Deus Ex GO is 80% off in many countries, $0.99 in the US

The GO series of games have, by all accounts, been a big success for Square Enix. We at Android Police love both Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO, and Deus Ex GO is no different - it's great. Even more than the thousands who have already bought it can enjoy it now, as it's down 80% to 0.99 (or the equivalent) for a limited time. This goes for many countries, and may even be worldwide, but we cannot verify that. Let us know in the comments what the price is in your country.

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[Game Review] Deus Ex GO: An engaging mobile take on a fantastic franchise

Following a surprisingly fun couple of mobile titles, Deus Ex GO takes Square Enix's formula for adapting its popular AAA series to handheld devices and brings it to the delightful Deus Ex Universe. This turn-based “point-and-click” style board game shares precious little with its cyberpunk dystopian source material (which happens to be one of my favorite franchises). However, that is not to say it is a bad thing, as the fanboy in me screams to claim. It is actually a fun, rewarding, and decidedly challenging experience that fits in nicely with the Deus Ex library.


Deus Ex GO, much like Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO before it, reminds me of some of the classic point-and-click PC titles that I grew up playing. You, the player, have a top-down isometric view of the game “board” which contains various pre-determined paths.

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Square Enix releases Deus Ex GO, a turn-based take on the fan-favorite franchise

Adam Jensen, cyborg protagonist of the well-received Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its upcoming sequel Mankind Divided, didn't ask for this. It's something he likes to remind everyone right before he hacks through a locked door, sneaks behind a cybernetic guard, and impales him with an augmented blade-limb. And we didn't ask for Deus Ex GO, a turn-based, board game-style reinterpretation of the series for mobile phones and tablets... but we're glad it's here anyway.

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Championship Manager 17 returns for another free-to-play go around the soccer field

Another year, another round of soccer manager games. The first up for Android this fall is Square-Enix's franchise Championship Manager, or as it's more entertainingly known to players, "Champ Man." This one is named 17, because that's one more than the year we're in right now. As is tradition.

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Mobius Final Fantasy gives the famous console series a freemium mobile makeover

Mobius Final Fantasy looks like a pretty standard entry in the famous RPG series from the last ten years or so: vague otherworldly threat, androgynous young hero, production design that borders on cocaine-fueled insanity. It helps that the plot is fleshed out in beautiful 3D cutscenes with full voice acting and orchestral music, unlike other "original" Final Fantasy mobile games such as All The Bravest. Indeed, Mobius might be the first Square-Enix title that can lay claim to being a truly original Final Fantasy game, built from the ground up for mobile devices. Today it gets a worldwide release, and it's a free download on the Play Store.

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Deus Ex GO Will Give Square-Enix's Mobile Board Games A Sci-Fi Makeover Later This Year

E3, the biggest video game trade show on the planet, is ramping up next week. Most of the news will only be relevant for PC and console gamers, but a few of the mega-publishers will be announcing mobile fare too, and Square-Enix is getting ahead of the pack. Along with a new primary entry in its futuristic post-human action series Deus Ex, the publisher has announced Deus Ex GO, a mobile game with similar elements to the existing Lara Croft GO and Hitman GO titles. It'll be available on phones and tablets "this summer" according to the reveal trailer.

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Square Enix's Romancing SaGa 2 Released On Android With English Translation

Square Enix, the maker of the famed 'Final Fantasy' series, has a few games that are only available in Japan. Romancing SaGa 2, the fifth game in the 'SaGa' series, was one such game. That ends today, though: Romancing SaGa 2 is now available on Android for $17.99.

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