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[Update: Release dates announced] Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa: Scarlet Grace Ambitions coming to Android with overdue English translation


[Update: Official release Jan. 23, 2020] Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition coming to Android this winter

In case you didn't know, E3 is this week, which means a ton of games are getting announced, including those for mobile. At this year's Square Enix presentation the developer informed its fans that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will be coming to Android and iOS this winter. Last September it was revealed that the title would be coming to the PS4 and the Switch, which has little to do with Android gaming, but the newly-announced smartphone support is indeed a welcome surprise.

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[Update: Cyberpunk 2077 and 6 other titles] All the games on Google Stadia (updated continuously)

Google's cloud gaming service, Stadia, begins trialing in November — you'll need to buy a $130 Founder's Edition kit to get access — and is expected to expand to the general audience sometime in 2020. So far, 30 games have been announced for the early roster and we expect more of them to pop up as we go along this year. It can be a little hard to keep track of things, so we've got you covered with a handy list of all the titles that have been announced for Stadia.

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Square Enix will shut down Star Ocean: Anamnesis on November 5

It's been a little over a year since Square Enix released Star Ocean: Anamnesis in the West, and it would appear that the collection-based RPG hasn't been doing that well. Early this morning, Square Enix announced on Twitter that it will shutter the game on November 5th. In-app purchases are already disabled, though the game will remain playable for free up until the announced shutdown date.
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Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Walk, an AR game that's totally not a Pokémon GO rip-off

Square Enix recently announced a new Dragon Quest game for mobile that's being developed by colopl. It's called Dragon Quest Walk, and it's an augmented reality title that clearly apes the gameplay of Pokémon GO. A closed beta will take place on the 11th of June for Android and iOS users that live in Japan, and it's still unknown if the title will ever make its way to the West.

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[Update: It's back] Life is Strange: Before the Storm is out on Android

Square Enix's original Life is Strange graphic adventure game only recently launched on Android this past July. It was apparent the delayed release (the iOS version came out seven months prior) was in preparation for the upcoming prequel. PC and console players have already had a chance to play the prequel's first chapter (yes, this is an episodic release, same as the original) since August, and iOS users still have a day to wait since the Android release is actually here a full day early.

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[Update: Out now] Square Enix's graphic adventure 'Life is Strange' is finally coming to Android in July

Square Enix's Life is Strange started its existence as an episodic graphic adventure game for PC and consoles back in 2015. At the time many critics found that it offered one of the best interactive stories of its generation, which is probably why it was eventually released on iOS two years later. Of course, like many high-profile iOS games, Android was never considered for a port. Well, it would seem Android is no longer the forgotten stepchild as I am happy to report that we are getting our own version sometime in July, and you can pre-register for a release announcement on the Play Store right now.

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Star Ocean: Anamnesis makes its English-language Play Store debut

Since the beginning of June, we have known that an English language version of Star Ocean: Anamnesis would be coming stateside. Square Enix even hinted at a July release, and lo and behold it's now July and Star Ocean: Anamnesis is indeed officially available for download from the Play Store. Like many of Square Enix's free-to-play mobile games, you can expect gorgeous graphics, plenty of hero collecting, and a very familiar action RPG gameplay loop.

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Square Enix has given up on the GO series, will not be making any more

In a recent interview with Square Enix Montreal's studio head Patrick Naud, it was revealed that the studio is no longer working on the GO franchise. In my mind this news does not point towards a positive direction for the company, at least when it comes to their mobile titles. Obviously games with an upfront price do not earn nearly as much on Android as the many free-to-play titles out there, but does that mean premium games aren't worth the trouble? Well, it would seem so, at least for Square Enix Montreal.

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Square Enix is bringing 'Star Ocean: Anamnesis' to the West, and pre-registration is open

Square Enix is actually bringing Star Ocean: Anamnesis to the West, and you can pre-register for a release announcement right now on the Google Play Store. One thing to understand is that this title has been available in Japan since 2016, which is why it's so surprising to see an English translation in the works two years later. For the most part, this plays just like one of Square's other gacha games Mobius Final Fantasy. This means you can expect to play in portrait as you dodge enemies, time your attacks, and manage your abilities to destroy everything coming your way.

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