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Ting Offers To Pay Up To $150 Of Your Early Termination Fee For Switching To The Budget Carrier

Are you tired of reading about some of the more nefarious developments at the Big Four US wireless carriers? Are you stuck in a two-year contract that you signed to get a steep discount on your phone? Are you ready to make a change to a carrier that at least pretends that it needs your business? Then Ting would like a word. The Sprint MVNO is doubling down on its offer to help pay off your early termination fee, up to $150.

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[New App] FreedomPop Unveils Free Voice And Text App, New $20 'Unlimited' Plan With Access To Sprint LTE, And More

FreedomPop is the Sprint MVNO that's willing to provide you with free phone service, but if you really want to get much use out of it away from home, that price tag goes up rather quickly. Yet even then, the plans available aren't going to break the bank. Today the carrier has introduced a new $20 plan that comes with unlimited data. For the first time ever, FreedomPop customers can now tap into Sprint LTE (instead of WiMax), and this plan will provide up to 1GB of it a month (after which, phones are limited to 3G).

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[Now That's My Kind Of Party] Ting Turns Two Years Old, Celebrates By Lowering Data Prices

Full disclosure - Ting is my mobile provider of choice. I may write about the constant tug-of-war between the big four American carriers, but at the end of the day, I refuse to sign a two-year contract with anyone, and T-Mobile has precisely zero coverage in the drastically non-urban corner of the US that I'm from. Thankfully, I have options. Ting is celebrating its two-year anniversary this week, and it's doing so by slashing its data prices.

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