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Google Assistant adds native support for A/C units, air purifiers, coffee makers, fans, kettles, ovens, and sprinklers

The Google Assistant (and thus Home) can control several kinds of devices natively: lights, switches, and thermostats were some of the first ones supported, but we later saw fridges, washers, dryers, and more. Now, seven new device types are being added to the native controls in Assistant, thus expanding its potential more and more.

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Rachio announces its Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller with hyperlocal weather support for $249

There aren't a lot of people that get excited about sprinkler systems, but with how much we dig on smart home hardware, we're some of them. That's why we're excited to announce that Rachio has just announced its third generation automated sprinkler hardware. The new Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller improves on the 2nd generation model by adding upgraded hyperlocal weather, dual-band Wi-Fi support, easy-press connectors for seamless installation, extra hardware controls, and compatibility with the new Rachio 3 Wireless Flow Meter. It'll run you $249 (Update: now $229) for a limited time, and pre-orders are open today.

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[Deal Alert] Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller is only $51.32 ($79 off) on Amazon

Some people take lawn care very seriously, and for good reason; after all, it's the first thing people see when they come to your house. Watering is a major part of a well-kept lawn, and now you can have the best grass in the neighborhood with the discounted Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller. This unit usually goes for $90-120, but it's available for a hair over $50 right now.

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[Deal Alert] 8 and 16 zone Rachio 2nd generation smart sprinkler controllers on Woot for $145 and $175 ($55/$85 off)

If you missed this deal the last time we saw it (as many of you did), not only is it back, but it's now slightly better. Over at the popular daily deals site Woot you can pick up the Rachio smart sprinkler controller in both the 8 and 16 zone varieties for just $144.99 and $174.99, respectively. It turns out that, in addition to flying electric cars, the future also includes well-manicured lawns. 

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Rachio's Iro Is An App-Enabled Smart Sprinkler Controller That Responds To The Weather, Goes For $249

Kids these days with their fancy smart homes, their smartphone-controlled lights, Bluetooth-connected door locks, and their mind-reading kettles. Back in the day, people manually flipped switches, turned keys, and pressed buttons. Appliances didn't control themselves, and that was a-okay. But sprinklers, yes, those should be automated, and using your smartphone to monitor them just makes plain sense! Tell me more about Rachio's newfangled Iro smart sprinkler controller.

Okay, not all homeowners are grumpy old men (get off my lawn!), so I'll drop the impression and just tell you what Rachio's smart sprinkler controller can do. Iro takes the place of your existing sprinkler controller, where it picks up the ability to control the flow of water to your yard, opening and closing valves as necessary.

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