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Spotify adds on-demand listening to free service

Spotify has a lot of competition in the streaming music space, but today it announced a new feature that could set it apart. Even if you choose not to pay for a premium Spotify subscription, you can now choose specific tracks to stream. Previously, the free version of the service only supported shuffle mode.

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Set YouTube as your default Music provider on Google Assistant (even outside the US)

Ever since Assistant rolled out, you have been able to ask it to play any YouTube music video you wanted, except you had to say "watch [this video] on YouTube" from your phone, or if you were using a Google Home speaker, you could ask to "play [something] on the tv/chromecast." The "watch," "on YouTube," and, "on tv" distinctions had to be used, because Assistant considered YouTube as a video source (like Netflix) and not a music one (like Play Music). However, many of you go to YouTube as the first (and maybe only) music source and if you're one of these users, you'll be happy to know you can finally tell Assistant to set YouTube as your default music provider.

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Spotify will announce updates to its mobile app on April 24

Changes are afoot at Spotify. The company, which went public recently, has a press conference scheduled for April 24. It's still a little early (and would be impressively fast) to see the potential hardware the company is working on, but all bets are open on the software side and it looks like Spotify will indeed be focusing the conference on its mobile app.

Over the past months, nay year, we've seen test after test in the Spotify app. A fullscreen playback screen pops up every now and then for users, a new UI started showing up recently with 3 bottom tabs and a focus on playlists (which I am eager to get), and then there's the driving mode that uses voice actions to control music as well as the Stations app which was being tested in Australia.

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Spotify introduces Premium bundle with Hulu access for $12.99/month

Spotify has been working with Hulu on its $4.99 "Spotify Premium for Students" plan for nearly a year now, but the music streaming service is now introducing Hulu integration to non-students as well. At $12.99, it's not nearly as good of a deal as the student plan, but it's a nice discount for those who already have Hulu or want to give Hulu a shot. Plus, existing Premium subscribers can try Hulu out for three months for just $0.99.

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Spotify begins public trading under symbol SPOT

Spotify is now a publicly traded company. The world's largest streaming music provider began public trading today on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SPOT. The stock opened at $165.90 per share and has been trending down since then; according to Market Watch, as of this writing, it's hovering around $153.

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Spotify is testing native voice search, suggesting an impending smart speaker

We've been hearing that Spotify is aiming to produce its own hardware for a few weeks now, and this latest news substantiates those rumors. A native voice search is being tested in the iOS app, pointing towards future integration with a Spotify-built smart speaker.

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Spotify is now available in Israel, Romania, South Africa, and Vietnam

Spotify has just launched in Israel, Romania, South Africa, and Vietnam, bringing the total amount of worldwide markets to 65. So if you live in one of those four countries and you've been patiently waiting to become one of 159 million users worldwide (or you're lamenting the loss of Spotify Dogfood), it's your lucky day.

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Spotify Line-In lets listeners contribute to music data via desktop client

Spotify's data is pretty accurate for the most part, and I've personally never seen any errors. But if you have and you struggled to find a way to report it, you might find Line-In to be pretty useful. It's only an experiment for now, and you'll have to use the desktop client to be able to use it, but it could prove helpful to the company and the listeners alike down the line.

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Spotify takes down Spotify Dogfood, an app designed to get premium features for free


Spotify looks to go public after losing $1.5 billion in 2017

You’ll soon be able to own a little chunk of Spotify. The streaming music service filed papers with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Wednesday to become a publicly traded company. Shares will trade under the symbol SPOT.

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