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Google Maps music integration and Commute tab begin rolling out

A few days ago, the Google Maps team announced a host of changes to its app, starting with a new Commute tab that groups driving and transit directions together, as well as a new media player integration while navigating. The changes have begun showing up now via a server-side update. We've spotted both features on Google Maps 9.88 beta, though it's possible you might see them on older versions of the app too.

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Google Maps adds Commute tab, in-app controls for Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music

In early September, we spotted Google Maps' new Commute tab — a section that takes over from the Driving and Transit tabs to provide a more robust view of your daily commute to work or school. That change is now rolling out globally on Android and iOS, along with several other updates to make routine travel easier, including in-app controls for three of the most popular music streaming apps — Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

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Spotify sued over gender discrimination by former sales executive

Unequal treatment of female employees has been problematic at many major tech companies, and it seems like Spotify is no exception. Variety reports that Hong Perez, a former sales executive at the company, has sued Spotify over alleged gender discrimination and defamation. Perez filed suit in the New York Supreme Court on Tuesday, pointing out several examples of how she and other female employees at Spotify were treated unfairly.

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Spotify now lets you download up to 10,000 tracks per device

Spotify has solved a problem you've probably never encountered. Until recently, the limit on the number of tracks you could download for offline listening was 3,333 each on up to three computers, tablets, or phones. That seems like plenty to me, but now you can store significantly more music for Wi-Fi-free playback: up to 10,000 tracks per device on up to five devices.

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Spotify tests a Now Playing interface with more difficult access to your song queue

Oh Spotify, oh Spotify, oh Spotify... Users ask you to improve your app's interface and you go ahead and try something that doesn't make sense. But such is life and, thankfully, this new interface is still a server-side change that we shall pray never comes to everyone.

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[Deal Alert] Get a year of Spotify Premium for $99 ($21 off) from Costco

There's a pretty good chance you use Spotify. Assuming you prefer to enjoy your experiences, there's also a pretty good chance you pay for it. If you'd like to save some cash, Costco's got a pretty good deal on a year of service: $98.99, a savings of $20.89 compared to 12 months at the regular $9.99 monthly fee.

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Spotify is now Samsung's music partner on all its devices

Samsung tried to operate its own music streaming service once. Remember Milk Music? Samsung would prefer that you didn't. It has a new music partner today. The next time you set up a Samsung, you're probably going to run into the Spotify app. That's just the first hint of the integration that will be pervasive across Samsung's products.

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[Update: Live, APK Download] Google Clock app now supports Spotify for alarms

Most people don't like to wake up to the grating whine of a regular alarm clock, and a lot of the "alarm" sounds on phones are scarcely better. Now, the Google Clock app offers an alternative. In the latest version, you can use music from Spotify for your alarms. Play Music and YouTube Music? Nope, because Google.

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Spotify separates downloads from cache, lets you delete only the latter

The list of small things that are wrong with Spotify seems to get longer instead of shorter with passing time. But today, we're opening your eyes to a small improvement that happened in the last few weeks. Spotify added storage management inside its settings and now finally lets you delete cache without removing your offline downloads too.

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Spotify Lite unofficially ported to Wear OS

Android Wear 2.0 was supposed to usher in a wave of smartwatch applications that could run independently from a connected phone... but that didn't really happen. Most popular Wear OS apps still rely on a Bluetooth connection with your phone, including the official Spotify application. Thankfully, there's now a full-featured Spotify client for Wear OS, courtesy of moneytoo on the XDA Forums.

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