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TechSmith Releases InstantReplay App For Football Coaches, Teams, Broadcasters, And Other Experts

You're on the sideline and you want to go through what just happened again. You can't believe what your lineman just did, and you want a replay to show during the next time out, visit to the locker room, or practice. You have a phone, a tablet, and plenty of expensive hardware. You just need an app.

Try InstantReplay. This newly available Android app is aimed at the kind of people who stand on the sidelines or fill pressboxes, those who take what's happening on the football field very seriously. InstantReplay doesn't just record what's happening on the field and give you the option to instantly play it back, the app lets multiple devices connect to each other over Wi-Fi.

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2K Games Packs More Cards And Gameplay Enhancements Into This Year's MyNBA2K16 Companion App

I am many years removed from middle and high school, but in the adult world at least, it seems now is a much safer time to be a card collecting geek. But undoubtedly there are still guys who are too intimidated to spend their time playing Netrunner or Yu-Gi-Oh. Instead, they cloak their collector's impulse and stat obsession in a thin layer of NBA fandom. They get their card-battling fix from the MyNBA2K companion app 2K Games releases every twelve months.

MyNBA2K16 has gone live in the Play Store, and this year's addition brings new cards to collect, more ways to customize them, specialty bonuses, and other tweaks that enhance the core mechanic.

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Adidas Snapshot App Can Tell How Hard And Fast You Kick A Soccer Ball Using Your Android Camera

How hard am I kicking a soccer ball? Not hard at all. I don't play soccer, or football as you folks living in most other countries call it. But if I did kick soccer balls—and by kick, I mean apply enough force to quickly send them in a straight direction, rather than nudge them awkwardly and accidentally off to the side—the Adidas Snapshot app might just pique my interest.

Snapshot takes footage of you kicking a soccer ball and determines from those frames just how fast you sent the thing flying. The app defaults to kilometers per hour, because only those of us who call the sport soccer have any interest in seeing miles per hour instead.

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Is Now Available On Android, But Device Compatibility Is Strange

We don't see too much enthusiasm for soccer in the US. In fact, we call it soccer instead of football just to show how much we don't care what the rest of the world thinks. Classic America, right? At any rate, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is out on Android, and I'm going to do my best to explain what it's all about.

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Latest Google App Offering Up New Notifications For Some Users

In case you aren't getting enough Google Now inside the normal interface, it looks like the Google app is bumping out into some users' notification trays with new, richer, higher priority notifications.

While it's hard to say when the rollout began, some users on version of the Google app (myself included) have begun noticing new notification settings in the Google app, toggling notifications for "substantial changes in weather condition," sports, places, and "stories and videos." Other users' settings lists still stop at "priority notifications."

Screenshot_2015-09-11-17-32-18 Screenshot_2015-09-11-20-36-11

So far we've only seen weather notifications - which offer temperature changes or other condition changes expected for the next day - and sports notifications in person.

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Official Tour De France 2015 App (For US) Is Here, $20 Buys You Live Streams And Other Access

People have been hopping on bikes and racing around France for over a century. Okay, they may have been doing it for even longer, but this year marks the 102nd time they will call it the Tour de France. If you live in the US and want to stream the action on your Android device, NBC has released an official app into the Play Store just for you.

NBC says its mobile app will provide live video coverage from every stage and full replays. There's a map you can use to track the action, or you can just use the app to track results if you don't have time.

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NFL Mobile Updated To v12.0, Now Actually Looks And Feels Like An Android App

Let's be honest, the NFL has not done a great job with its Android app. It was basically just a nice little viewer for content that was on the web, and by that I mean it was just showing the web pages in a little bit prettier interface. With a new update, though, it is much smoother and actually feels like they cared about the end product.


Screenshots won't really do it justice because it is all about the feel. If you already used it, you might be a little disoriented due to the movement of some controls, but you'll notice the speed right away.

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Adidas Releases An Android Companion App For Its $200 'Smart' Soccer Ball

Remember those baseballs that measured pitch speed with a little LCD screen right on the ball, the ones that only the rich kids on your little league team had? This is the modern, logical extension. For the last year, Adidas has been selling its Smart Ball, a soccer ball (or football, if you insist) with integrated sensors that can detect speed, spin, strike force, and flight time, and a Bluetooth radio to transmit all that data. Previously it was only compatible with the iOS app, but the company has finally released an app for the most common mobile OS on the planet.

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Major League Baseball Returns Next Week, At Bat Updated In Preparation

The smell of fresh cut grass is carried by a cool spring breeze. The sounds of birds chirping is punctuated by the crack of a bat and the ground trembles as a crowd comes to its feet with a roar. I smell it. I hear it. I feel it. Baseball is coming.

In two days time, the first pitch of the 2015 Major League Baseball season will be thrown in Chicago and the season will begin. Some people may find America’s favorite pastime to be a boring or slow paced sport. Those people can go read something else. This article is for the fans.

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The ICC And Reliance Big Entertainment Release An Official Fantasy Cricket App For The World Cup

Cricket. Cricket. That's the one like baseball, but with the flat bats and a circular field and a ton of players and black tea afterwards, right? I apologize - as an American it's hard for me to concentrate on sports that don't involve constant concussions and commercial breaks every two minutes. But I am reliably informed that Cricket is enjoyed in Britain and all the places that used to be Britain (except this one). For all of those people, the International Cricket Council has teamed up with the UK arm of Indian publisher Reliance Big Entertainment to offer an official World Cup fantasy app.

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