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Fossil Q Control review: A good smartwatch, but not a good value

At this point, Fossil is probably pushing Android Wear more than any other company. It's continuing to release smartwatches under many of its brands, including Skagen, MisfitKate Spade, Michael Kors, and others. The third-generation Fossil Q watches first went on sale in September of last year, with the most notable improvement being the fully round screens (as opposed to the 'flat tire' displays that older watches used).

Another third-generation Fossil Q watch arrived in November of last year - the Q Control. It's the first sports-oriented smartwatch under the Fossil brand, and its design stands out from the company's other watches.

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LG Watch Sport review: The right smartwatch for the wrong audience

Google and LG set out to build a pair of watches to launch Android Wear 2.0. What resulted were two wildly divergent products that make no attempt to hit the middle ground. Richard reviewed the Watch Style, which features a lithe frame but includes fewer features than almost any Wear-based smartwatch that came before it. I'm looking at the Watch Sport, an unapologetically huge device with a wide array of capabilities that allow it to be a serviceable stand-in when you leave your phone behind. LG held nothing back with this watch, but it's not right for everyone.

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Polar M600 smartwatch to get Android Wear 2.0, new swimming metrics, and battery improvements this spring

The Polar M600, which was announced in August of 2016, is on the list of smartwatches slated to get the Android Wear 2.0 update. But there's more to look forward to when the update rolls if you own the GPS fitness watch or were planning on buying it.

Polar has announced that the M600 will be getting Android Wear 2.0, including the Google Assistant, more customizable watch faces, and integrated Google Play Store. The update also improves the battery life to 36 hours, a nice upgrade from the 24 hours that were quoted at launch, especially for those who use more of the sporty and battery-draining features of the M600.

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LG Watch Sport: First impressions of the most feature-packed Android Wear device yet

Nearly two years after the original Android Wear announcement, Google is officially bringing version 2.0 to market. While there have been developer previews running on the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition and Huawei Watch, two new watches from LG will be the true standard bearers for the final release. Richard did the honors of discussing the LG Watch Style, which features a low-profile design. In this post, I'll be taking a look at its incredibly feature-packed big brother, the LG Watch Sport.

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New Balance launches the $300 RunIQ Android Wear watch with GPS, Strava, and an Intel processor

Last year at CES, New Balance announced that it would be releasing an Android Wear watch by the end of 2016. The company missed the schedule by a month or two, since the new watch has just been officially unveiled. It's called RunIQ and like the name and the brand behind it, it's focused on running.

The RunIQ packs the 3 features that were hinted at last year: GPS, an Intel processor, and integration with the Strava platform to add a social and competitive element to running. But now we have more specific details. The GPS chip is coupled with a built-in heart-rate sensor that can work for up to 5 hours with continuous monitoring and map tracking.

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Garmin launches new fēnix® 5 sports and smartwatch series, adds Uber, nuun, and more apps

We don't often talk about Garmin here, mostly because the company hasn't been a smartwatch or wearable maker in the traditional sense, but it's getting harder and harder to mention any fitness tracker without naming Garmin in some form or another. Its vivosmart lineup, among others, is almost universally loved by everyone who has tried it, its brand is recognizable, hardware is capable and competitively priced, and software experience is getting better and better, making it the second largest smartwatch maker in Q3 2016 according to IDC.

One of the flagships of Garmin's smartwatch line-up is the fēnix series, a watch that combines everyday activity and sleep tracking, smartwatch notifications and features, super detailed exercise tracking across different types of sports (running, swimming, cycling, hiking, golf, ski, snowboard, paddle sports, and so on), GPS logging, water resistance up to 100m, continuous heart-rate monitoring, and more.

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Polar M600 is a new sporty Android Wear smartwatch with GPS, Smart Coaching, and all-day tracking

Android Wear watches fall into a couple of categories: lifestyle watches that try to be a bit of everything for everyone, stylish watches that want to appeal to the classy geek, and sports watches that cater to the active types. The latter category has seen the Moto 360 Sport, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, Nixon Mission, and is now gaining one more candidate: the Polar M600.

Coming from a company known for its heart rate monitors and activity trackers, the M600 is a bit of a hybrid between a smartwatch and an activity tracker, and it might be the first one we've seen that mixes both equally without sacrificing a lot on either front.

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