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Google News shows live scores, match highlights, and schedules for sports teams [APK Download]

Two weeks ago, Google News got an update to version 5.5, bringing a dark theme option to the app. But since the rollout was slow, we didn't get an official changelog until yesterday. In it, new features were mentioned for sports teams, but they were nowhere to be found. It seems they were dependent on a server-side switch, because it isn't until this morning that these new sports options started showing up for us.

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TeamSnap makes managing your sports teams, leagues, and any other kinds of groups easier than ever and AP readers can get an exclusive 3-month trial [Sponsored Post]

If you've ever been a part of or led a sports team or any kind of club—whether it's a youth league, a school-affiliated team, or a group of adults—you know that communication is one of the most irritating parts of the experience. Maybe everything is communicated by the person in charge at practices, games, or meetings. Hope you or your child remembers what was said!

Perhaps it's via a big group text message, a solution that is far from reliable or convenient. And you can get some things done with emails or handouts, but we all know it can be easy to miss important details and those materials will become outdated after the first rainout or change of plans.

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