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FOX Sports VR lets you watch games in the dream house you'll never be able to afford

One of the core principles of video games is that they're aspirational: we beat the invincible bad guy and drive hovercraft race cars in lavish fantasy worlds because we can't ever do it in real life. Video games are now so amazing that they're intersecting with the real world in the form of VR, but our aspirations have softened a bit as we've gotten older - now some of those impossible dreams include "owning a really nice house." FOX Sports VR has embraced the death of the American dream by virtualizing that nice house and letting you watch football in it.

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Nike's Golf 360 App Comes To Android After Taking Its Sweet Time On iOS

Look, we realize that some companies don't have the resources to develop apps for multiple platforms, and in some cases (some very limited cases) it makes sense to publish on the mobile OS that has 12% of the market. But Nike isn't one of those companies. And so it still kind of miffs us when they take two years to bring a sports app like Golf 360 to the Play Store.

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But enough about Nike's continuing failure at proper cross-platform support. Golf 360 is a training app aimed at aspiring pros. The most useful portion of the app is the golf scoreboard, which supports up to four players and comes pre-loaded with "26,000 courses" from North America and Europe.

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