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Sky Sports releases "International" app, though it seems to only be available in the US

Sky, the British TV and telecom company, has a series of apps for Android, but most of them are only available for the UK (and Ireland I think). Only Sky News appears to be available to a more worldwide audience, and now Sky Sports is joining it.

There's a new separate Play Store listing for Sky Sports International - the regular Sky Sports is still a local-only affair - and as far as we can tell, it seems to only be available for installation to a few countries. It's showing as incompatible with all my devices in Lebanon and James says the same is for him in Japan.

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NBC's Olympics app includes scores, schedules, news, and video of everything except the actual events

The summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro should be interesting to watch this year, if only in the same sense that a burning building is hard to ignore. As it has been for decades, NBC will be the sole media outlet for the games in the United States. Sports fans can use the official NBC app to keep up with the Olympics on their phones and tablets... though keep in mind that the results of the games, including medal winners, statistics, and a general schedule, will be available in all the usual places like ESPN and Google Now.

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Verizon's INDYCAR App Updated For 2015 Season, Available On All Devices And Carriers

I'll confess: I know basically nothing about high-performance racing. It's got weird-looking cars that go around the track really, really fast, and some people seem to think that it's very important in the context of production cars in the same way that NASA is really important for radical developments in writing utensils. All that is a bit over my head. But if you're a fan of the INDYCAR series of American races, you might want to check out Verizon's updated app.

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Verizon Wireless is the primary sponsor for the series of races, and it has supplied an official mobile app since last year.

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Microsoft Releases 6 New Android Apps For MSN: Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Money, News, Sports, And Weather

Microsoft has been surprisingly generous when it comes to apps for Android, a platform it's technically still competing against. (Sort of.) Today the company launched an entire suite of Android apps to support its MSN/Bing web platform. All six of them tie directly into existing services: MSN Food & Drink, MSN Health & Fitness, MSN Money, MSN News, MSN Sports, and MSN Weather. They're all free to download in the Play Store right now.

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The new apps are basically re-skinned versions of the mobile websites they connect to, but the structure is a little more usable than a straight-up web wrapper, something that's depressingly common in the Play Store.

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[New App] NBC's Tour De France App Will Let You Stream The World's Biggest Bike Race Straight To Your Phone For $15

I'm sure there are plenty of cycling enthusiasts out there who think that $15 is a small price to pay to view the Tour de France from their mobile device. I don't happen to be among them, so I'll take NBC's claim that its new app can stream "every stage LIVE on your Android handheld or tablet device" for granted. The app is available now in the Play Store for all Android devices running Gingerbread or higher, though it's almost certainly limited to users in the United States.

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In addition to live video and always-on replays, the app will let your track teams and cyclists in real time via the map view, read general news with video updates, check out rider profiles, and see results and standings.

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